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Friday, August 3, 2012

"Airplanes" - Episode 76 & 77 + Special Announcement

After a 4-month hiatus, Airplanes is finally back with the second and third episodes of Season 6 - the final season!

Airplanes / Chapter 76
(Season 6, Episode 2)
Episode Title: I Won't Let You See Me Fall Part II (Season Premiere)
With Special Guest Star, Miley Cyrus as Anna and David Henrie as Luke
-August 1992-
Luke smiled, and the two proceeded towards the house.
The gate that lead to the backyard surpisingly didn't have a lock, so they quietly slid into the backyard.
They rushed to the back of the house, where there were 2 windows that were both boarded up.
Luke took a hold of the wood, and pulled, "It's loose. If you help, I think we can get it off."
Anna groaned, "I'm still not sure about this. Isn't this kind of disrespectful to the people who died?"
Luke looked at Anna, walking up to her. Their foreheads met, and then their nose.
"Come on," Luke whispered, "If you come in with me, I'll do a favor for you, later."
"Oh really? Like what?" Anna asked.
Luke smiled, "You know what I mean."
Anna thought for a second, and then she stepped towards the window, smiling.
Luke was right. The board was loose, and it came off with only two pulls.
Underneath the board was a very dusty, old window. It was too dark to look inside.
"How are we gonna get the window open? What if there's an alarm?"
Luke looked at Anna.
"Why would they board up the windows if there was an alarm?"
Anna took one deep breath in, looking around the yard.
It was dark, and there was an old tree in the backyard. The grass was wet from that afternoon's rainfall.
Anna watched as Luke stepped forward to the window.
The bolts that kept the window shut were rusted, and it only took a few tugs for Luke to slide the window up.
The inside of the house was clearly exposed.
There were white sheets covering everything. It was hard to tell how long it had been sense someone had been in the building.
Luke observed the inside of the house, while Anna stood in the backyard, swinging her head back and forth.
The couple helped each other into the window, and they entered the house.
Anna and Luke staid close together. Anna was terrified of getting caught. Luke just wanted a thrill.
The pair stopped infront of the staircase, that led downstairs.
At the bottom of the stairs, all part of light had vanished. It appeared as if the stairs led to a dark cave.
This was the basement where the kids had been killed.
"I'm not going down there," Anna said, "You can go down, if you want. I'm staying up here."
Luke turned back at her, and with a quick glance - he started down the stairs.
Scared of being alone, it only took a second for Anna to follow him.
And that was the moment everything changed.
George Harvey, the murderer, had never been arrested. He never left the building. He took shifts sleeping in an abandoned warehouse.
And in his original house, where he had killed the kids.
And tonight, he was taking a visit to his home, which is why the boards had been loose and the window unlocked, for all this time.
George had heard the couple outside, and he was ready for them. He was ready to kill once again.
And that's exactly what he did, only in a much crueler way.
He tied Anna and Luke up across from each other, so that they were looking in to each other's eyes.
He gave them one gun, with only one bullet, making one of them being killed by the gun, and the other to be tortured by George.
"Take the bullet," Luke insisted, "I can get through whatever he'll do to me."
"No, you take it." Anna said.
"I'm not letting you do this for me. I'm a terrible person, I deserve to die painfully."
"Don't say that,"
"I was the one that made you come with me."
"No, that was my decision."
"You tried to stop me but I was too selfish."
"Please, just take it."
"I'm not taking it. I refuse to. Either you take it, or none of us will."
Anna looked into the eyes of Luke.
"Can't we just wait until he lets us out?" she asked.
"And how do you know he will? He could keep us in here forever, make us starve. Kill us, torture us, who knows?"
Hesitantly, Anna extended her leg, sliding the gun to herself.
She reached as far as she could with the ropes trapping her arms.
She lifted the gun to her head, and when she pulled the trigger, she mouthed the three words she had never really known the meaning of, until now.
"I love you,"
And with one flick of the finger, she was gone.

Airplanes / Chapter 77
(Season 6, Episode 3)
Episode Title: More Than A Nightmare
In the season five finale, Genevieve wakes up from a dream and realizes that her dying was just a dream.
Therefore, the third, fourth, and fifth seasons never actually happened - it was all Genevieve's dream.
Genevieve's POV
"Olivia, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be at home and then you get kidnapped by George..."
"No, it's alright, Genevieve. I'm here. I'm staying. I'm not going anywhere." Olivia said.
"Tell us what happened in your dream." Joe said.
"It's complicated, I'll explain later - I need to know, where are we going right now?"
"To the airport. We need to stop George from going to Florida with your mom."
"NO!" I yelled. "We can't get on that plane!"
"Are you crazy, Genevieve?" Joe asked, turning back from the driver's seat for a moment, "We have to save your mom."
"You don't understand. If we get on that plane, then I'm going to die. And... mom... she's been brainwashed."
"What are you talking about, Genevieve? Brainwashed? You're not going to die."
"Yes, I am! George is going to shoot me, and then you'll both have to jump out of the plane before it crashes."
"It's okay, Genevieve." Olivia said, "Everything's going to be fine. It's just a nightmare."
"NO!" I yelled, "It's more than a nightmare! This is life or death-"
I was interruped when Joe swerved the car to the side of the road, nearly crashing us.
"WHAT THE HELL, JOE?" Olivia yelled, "You could have killed us!"
"SHUT UP." Joe said, pointing to the road.
We all looked at what he was pointing to: Molly. My mom - limping towards the car.
Her clothing was bloody, she was clearly exhausted and her leg was badly cut.
"OH MY GOD. You hit my mom with the car!" I got out, approaching my mom.
"Holy crap, mom. Joe did this to you with the car. We have to get you to the hospital."
"No, Genevieve." Molly said, "I jumped out of the plane. They were going to brainwash me or poison me or something."
"That's crazy. How are you still alive?"
"Well, I landed on a corn field, luckily. So I kinda just lightly bounced off the crops, and on to the ground. I ran all the way here."
"How did you know we were on our way? How did you know we were on the highway?"
"I didn't," Molly replied, "There's no one on the road that the airport is on. I was trying to stop a car so they could help me."
Moments later, we were racing towards the hospital.
We dropped Molly off, and then we were on our way to Florida.


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Navystardust12 is currently working on the first season of My Days in Disturb, which will contain 8 episodes and will premiere on September 17, 2012. New episodes will air on Mondays and Tuesdays, with the first season concluding on September 9, 2012.

  • Episode 1 - September 17, 2012
  • Episode 2 - September 18, 2012
  • Episode 3 - September 24, 2012
  • Episode 4 - September 25, 2012
  • Episode 5 - October 1, 2012
  • Episode 6 - October 2, 2012
  • Episode 7 - October 8, 2012
  • Episode 8 - October 9, 2012
Navystardust12 has stated that if reception on the first season is decent, a second and third season will be ordered at the same time, and both of these seasons would contain 12 episodes. The second season would premiere on January 7, 2013 and conclude on February 12, 2013, while the third season would premiere on May 20, 2013 and conclude on June 12, 2013.

Ep 1 - May 20
Ep 2 - May 21
Ep 3 - May 23
Ep 4 - May 27
Ep 5 - May 28
Ep 6 - May 29
Ep 7 - June 3
Ep 8 - June 4
Ep 9 - June 5
Ep 10 - June 10
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