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Monday, May 31, 2010

Nickdiz18 Exclusives! +Nickdiz18 BlogSpot Temporarily Cancelled!

Nickdiz18 has temporarily cancelled all Nickdiz18 BlogSpot posts. He says, Quote, "I will be temporarily abandoning the Nickdiz18 blogspot. If anyone would like to temporarily adopt the site, they can talk to navystardust12 on YouTube."
Nickdiz18 has created a Navystardust12 blogspot site. Here is the link:
Also, for an almost-final "Goodbye" to this site, Nickdiz18 has released some official exclusives! Including Promotional Picture #1 for The Airplanes Series, The Official Logo for Navystardust12 Original Productions, and a very-exclusive second promo for his new series, "Airplanes" which won't air on the Navystardust12 channel, until Wednesday!
Also, Navystardust12 has been officially confirmed as a "Five Ghetto Kid." His new YouTube Comedy VLog Collab Channel ( is very high-acclaimed by the creator, whimsywhimsy54. In fact, the channel is so high acclaimed, that they want YOU guys to be a part of it! View the fiveghettokids youtube channel to view/read more about how you can be the fourth and fifth "ghetto" kid!
The Nickdiz18 Exclusives will be posted in the next few moments!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nickdiz18 Announces Navystardust12 Series!

As you may know, Nickdiz18 has been suspended from his main account, so his new channel is navystardust12.
Well, Nickdiz18 has announced that he will be starting several new series on the channel!
Some of the series include:
Airplanes - Starts June 30th
Torn: The Final Goodbye - Starts December 2010
Cyber - Unofficial

As you can see, Nickdiz18 has many ideas for his new channel. In fact, he has renewed the navystardust12! He earlier announced that he would be ending Navystardust12 sometime in September 2010, but he has said that the new oppurtunities have enlightened and inspired him, so he will be going at the new channel for - what seems like - forever.
The Airplanes and Torn: The Final Goodbye Plots have also been released! Here's some info:
Airplanes - "Airplanes" is a brand new Nickdiz18 series that will be hitting the Navystardust12 channel, on June 30th. The series is about Genevieve (Demi Lovato) who is a girl who was murdered. Nickdiz18 has said the plot will be a mix of "The Lovely Bones," and his cancelled series, "Torn". Speaking of Torn...
Torn: The Final Goodbye - This "Goodbye" series will be replacing the Torn movie, which was scheduled to hit YouTube on June 30th, on the original Nickdiz18 series. The third season won't be starting for another 7 months, but Nickdiz18 has said that he expects for everyone to know what is going to happen, sense the series was so predictable in the first place. Torn: The Final Goodbye is expected to go on into the new year (2011) and the "Goodbye" Part of the series will feature the third and fourth season of the "Torn" series.
For new viewers, Nickdiz18 will be releasing a video with a recap of the first and second season. Some viewers may be thinking, "Nickdiz18 never released the TORN season 2 finale." Well, Nickdiz18 will be releasing the finale, however instead of the episode being the season 2 finale, it will be the season 3 premiere. Also, Nickdiz18 has announced that the final seasons of TORN will have an extended amount of episodes. The third season is going to hit the 30-episode mark, and the fourth and final season will hit 20 episodes. So, viewers can be exicted for a total of 50 new episodes, just when they thought the series was coming to an end.
Why is Navystardust12 waiting so long to release the TORN: The Final Goodbye Part of the series? Well, "Airplanes" is starting in just over a month, and the new series is expected to be running for a very long time. So long, an expected 1000 episodes are expected for the new series! 1000! Nickdiz18 says that "Airplanes" was originally supposed to be a YouTube movie, but the full movie would be over 3 hours long.
New information on these hot new series will be released soon!
COMING SOON - "Cyber" Plot Information!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nickdiz18 Suspended! +What's Next for Him?

This blog is to confirm Nickdiz18's YouTube suspention.
Nickdiz18. Has. Been. Suspended. From. YouTube.
So, what's next for Nickdiz18? How will he keep the videos going? How will he continue the "Torn" series, when episodes 1 through 22 have been deleted off his channel.
Well, here's the answer:
He won't.
Nickdiz18 has made a suspention channel, but there has been no confirmation that he will continue his videos, on the channel. is the link to the new channel. Nickdiz18 has said that he first found out that he was suspended from YouTube, last Friday, and hasn't had the patience to make a video on his suspention channel, yet.
Inside sources say that Nickdiz18 will be requesting for YouTuber, xojollyrancher1xo to make a video saying that he was suspended, and to check out his suspention channel.
As far as Nickdiz18 knows, his main channel has been deleted for good. How does he know? Quote, "When I log into the account, it says that the account has been disabled." He then stops - and says "Disabled equals permanetly gone."
So, there is no chance that Nickdiz18 will regain his channel, which means he'll be using the suspention channel for the rest of his now-shortened time on YouTube. What? Well, Nickdiz18 has announced he will be quitting YouTube several months earlier, and his last video (posted on his suspention channel) will be posted sometime in September 2010.
Don't want Nickdiz18 to leave? It's all okay. Nickdiz18 has announced he will be part of a collab channel ( and videos for this channel will start in June 2010. Nickdiz18 has announced he will not be quitting the fiveghettokid videos, in September, and will keep going with the collab channel for however long he feels necessary. Nickdiz18 is expecting to be quitting FGK sometime in 2012, if there is no problems. He will be replaced by a not-yet announced YouTuber.
For all your first Nickdiz18 News, always check out Nickdiz18BlogSpots!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nickdiz18 Announces First Part of "TORN" Season Finale Finished!

Nickdiz18 has announced that the first part of the season 2 finale of his series, "Torn" is edited, saved, and completed. The episode is not going to be posted in the description. The episode will be in the video. Also, Nickdiz18 says that the season finale will give viewers an idea of what the Torn movie will be like, when it hits YouTube on June 30th.
Also, Nickdiz18 has made a small change to the "Torn" Series schedule. The firt part of episode 23 (the season 2 finale) will be posted on May 19th, as scheduled. However, the second part of the season finale will be posted one week later, on May 26th. Don't get it? Here's something to clear it up:
Episode 23: Part 1 - May 19th (Season 2 Finale)
Episode 23: Part 2 - May 26th (Season 2 Finale)
Torn: The Movie - June 30th
Episode 24 - August 4th (Season 3 Premiere)
Episode 25 - August 5th (Series Finale)
Nickdiz18 has said that he can't believe the series only has 3 episodes left! Even though the movie will be equal to approximentally 20 episodes, in length. Speaking of the Movie, Nickdiz18 has announced the movie script is on it's 8th page, and editing for the film will begin within this week. For more pictures, videos, updates, and more; checkout BlogSpot First for Nickdiz18, for your #1 Source of all things Nickdiz18. Guaranteed!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

BlogSpot First: Nickdiz18 Releases Video for "TORN" Season 2 Finale!

BlogSpot First: Nickdiz18 Releases New Information on "TORN" Season 2 Finale!

With only 3 episodes left of the series, Nickdiz18 has released new information on the season 2 finale.
The release date is May 19th, 2010. The 23rd episode of the series will be a 2-part episode. The episode number for season 2 is episode 11. (2x11) Both parts of the episode will be uploaded at 5/4c on Nickdiz18's channel.
After a devistating car accident, Demi is rushed to the hospital by Nick and Joe. The nurses at the hospital reveal that a shooter is loose in the hospital. The finale will come to a climax, and the gang will realize that they know almost nothing about Nick's powers.
The Torn Series will not return for approximentally 2 and a half months, after the season finale airs. (Season 3 Stars in Early August 2010)
The episode is the 11th episode of the 2nd season, and the 23rd episode of the series.
Ian Somerhalder will guest-star as Bryan for the third time. (Rumoured)
David Henrie will guest star as Dr. Fields for the first time. (Rumoured)
Demi will die in the season finale. (Rumoured)
More information on the season finale will be posted on BlogSpot, once it is released.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"TORN" Episode 21 (Miley's Story) Promotional Picture Released!

Episodes 21 and 22 of Nickdiz18's hit YouTube Series, "TORN" will premiere today on the official channel. Also, there are only 5 episodes left of the entire series, so we're all excited to see what Nickdiz18 will do for the last few episodes.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BlogSpot First: "TORN" Movie Trailer #7 (Full Edition)

Nickdiz18 is letting BlogSpot premiere the brand new trailer for Torn: The Movie. Here is the full edition of the trailer.

BlogSpot First: "TORN" Movie Trailer #7 (Unedited Version)

Nickdiz18 is premiering the seventh trailer for his upcoming YouTube film, Torn: The Movie, and BlogSpot is giving it to you, first! Here is the first ever episode of BlogSpot First: Nickdiz18. For all the BlogSpot followers, you guys get to see the trailer before Nickdiz18 uploads it on YouTube! Check it out! (P.S. This is the "rough" version. The full edition will be uploaded to BlogSpot First, once Nickdiz18 sends it to us. Thanks for the patience).

Sunday, May 9, 2010

YouTube Demands 4th "Torn" Season + Nickdiz18 Releases "TORN" Movie Soundtrack List!

YouTube viewers have demanded a fourth season of the "TORN" series, and Nickdiz18 has said, "No." He says that he needs to get on to other things, and does not want to focus on one series for the rest of his life. So, it seems like Nickdiz18 will keeping the series at a 3-season limit.
Also, Nickdiz18 has released the list of songs for the TORN movie soundtrack! Here they are:

TORN MOVIE Soundtrack
1. Save You – Kelly Clarkson
2. Dare You To Move – Switchfoot
3. Hey Soul Sister – Train
4. Black Tables – Other Lives
5. Ships – The Umbrellas
6. Her Eyes – Pat Monahan
7. Boston – Augustana
8. Where You Are – Lifehouse
9. Soon We’ll Be Found – Sia
10. Live Like We’re Dying – Kris Allen
11. Can’t Be Tamed – Miley Cyrus
12. The Only Exception - Paramore
13. When I Look at You – Miley Cyrus
14. Set Fire to the Third Bar – Snow Patrol
15. Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day

Nickdiz18 has also announced the release date for when the soundtrack will be available for digital download, on SendSpace! The soundtrack will be released on May 10th, 2010.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nickdiz18 Announces FGK Collab Channel! +"Torn" Episodes 21 and 22 Details!

Nickdiz18 has announced that he will be starting his very first collab channel! The channel will be done with YouTuber, whimsywhimsy54 and some other unknown YouTubers. Videos for the new channel will be uploaded on Monday through Friday, by each user of the channel. There will be a total of 5 users. (3 Users have been Confirmed). Nickdiz18 will soon be posting a video to ask if anyone wants to "audition" for the fourth and fifth user. The channel will be a Comedy VLog Channel. Here is a link to the YouTube account: Nickdiz18 will be uploading his videos for the channel on Friday nights. The channel will be best known as "The FGK Channel" but FGK has been announced as to stand for "Five Ghetto Kids". The channel has already been created, and videos are expected to start being uploaded in June.

On another note, Nickdiz18 has released information on the 21st and 22nd episodes of "TORN". He says that the 21st episode will be a 2-part special, with the subject on 2nd main character, Miley Cyrus. This one-shot episode will explain what happened to Miley before she met Nick, and how she found out about her gift. The normal story plot will return in Episode 22. Both of the episodes will be uploaded on Wednesday, May 12th, 2010. The official promotional picture for the one-shot episode (episode 21) has been posted in the top left corner of this post.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Takeover #1

hello young people! its nickdiz18 here for the first ever takeover!
whats a takeover you ask? well, every sunday on this blog, i will do a takeover, where i can just basically talk to you guys and answer questions!
first i thought you guys might wanna check out this app:
its called photofiltre. its basically just a really advanced photo editor that you can download onto your computer, free of charge.
so, no one actually knows about the sunday takeovers so im just gonna answer some questions that i made up (btw some of these questions will be personal, some about youtube)
Question 1:
What is your real name?
Nick. It's pronounced... Nick.
Question 2:
im sorry there is no question 2 because i cant think of anything. go ask me one on the comment thing down there. click comment and then ill respond to yalls questions NEXT week :)
welll thanx for readin! buh bye

Nickdiz18 Announces Torn Movie Soundtrack! +Movie Poster Released!

Nickdiz18 has announced that in June 2010 he will be releasing a Torn Movie Soundtrack. Information on the file-hosting, etc. has not yet been announced, but Nickdiz18 has said the soundtrack will be released before the movie premieres on YouTube.

Also, Nickdiz18 has released the Torn Movie Poster! An unnoficial poster was released on the website, but the 1st poster has now been released! The poster can be downloaded here: for any viewers that would like to print the poster. Also, the rating for the upcoming YouTube film has been announced! The film will be released on PG-13 format, due to graphic comment and some disturbing scenes. More information on the soundtrack will soon be released.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nickdiz18 Announces Release of Torn Movie Script!

Nickdiz18 has announced that he will infact be posting the Torn Movie Script on! He says he will be posting it on June 30th, 2010! The link to the Torn Movie FanFiction account on which the script will be posted on will soon be announced!
Here are 2 links to the FanFiction profile:

Nickdiz18 Announces Torn Movie Website!

Click here to go to the Torn Movie Website:

Nickdiz18 Announces Voice-Over Series! +"The Bucket List" Premiere Information!

Nickdiz18 has announced that in early 2011, he will be starting a voice-over series with other YouTubers! The YouTuber line up has not yet been announced, but we are expecting for Nickdiz18's YouTube apprentince, xojollyrancher1xo to guest themselves into the series. A video will soon be posted by Nickdiz18 with a request for whoever wants to take part in the series.
Also, Nickdiz18 has announced new information on "The Bucket List" series, which premieres today! The very first episode will be posted tonight, at 8/7c. Viewers may have woken up today, expecting to see the episode already posted, but discovered that there was in fact no episode. Nickdiz18 says "Don't worry," because the pilot episode is coming!
NOTE: The season premiere for "The Bucket List" series will be a Pilot episode. Viewers will need to comment in order for the series to continue, in the future.