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Friday, December 31, 2010

List of navystardust12 Original Programs

'Airplanes' Premiere: June 30th, 2010 Status: Airing 'Finding Jenna Parker' Premiere: July 15th, 2010 Status: Canceled 'iShow: The Interactive Show' Premiere: September 10th, 2010 Status: Canceled 'Impossible: A Lolena Story' Premiere: September 18th, 2010 Status: Returning 'Quotes on Death' Premiere: October 2nd, 2010 Status: Possibly cancelled (on indefinite hiatus) 'Tales of the Lost: Miniseries' Premiere: October 31st, 2010 Status: Returning 'Winter Wonderland' Premiere: November 6th, 2010 Status: Returning 'The Amelia Project' Premiere: December 3rd, 2010 Status: Cancelled 'These Four Walls' Premiere: March 26th, 2011 Status: Renewed for 2nd episode UPCOMING SERIES: 'Cyber' Premiere: November 11th, 2011 Status: Upcoming 'The Diary of Hailey Ford and Kat Breslau' Premiere: January 27th, 2011 Status: See bottom of article* 'Firework' Premiere: 2011 Status: Upcoming 'Epic Times' Premiere: Never to air Status: Cancelled 'Ouija' Premiere: 2011 Status: Upcoming 'All Our Secrets' Premiere: Never to air Status: Cancelled 'Meet Me Halfway' Premiere: May 2011 Status: In production 'theMissing' Premiere: Never to air Status: Cancelled 'Easy A: Voicover Edition' Premiere: May 2011 Stats: In production 'GRIM' Notes: Possibly to be retitled to 'Grim Reaper' Premiere: 2011 Status: Upcoming production 'Untitled Series' Notes: This series is currently untitled, with 'P.R.O.P.H.E.C.Y.' as a working title Premiere: 2011 Status: Upcoming production UNKNOWN AIRDATE SERIES: 'Torn: The Final Goodbye' Premiere: 2012 (likely) Status: Complete production 'Foreva Lasting' Premiere: Late 2011 (likely) Status: Upcoming production *The series premiere of 'The Diary of Hailey Ford and Kat Breslau' originally premiered on January 27th, 2011. In March 2011, YouTube removed the audio from the episode. The episode was taken down on April 3rd, 2011 and the episode will be re-uploaded with audio in April 2011. A second episode will debut in May 2011.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Navystardust12 has just confirmed his intentions to produce a third season of his YouTube channel, which will conist of 80 more videos! It will begin on January 1st, 2011!

Season 1
Ran from May 17th, 2010 to October 3rd, 2010

Season 2
Ran from October 3rd, 2010 to December 31st, 2010

Season 3
Ran from January 1st, 2011 to May/June 2011

It is TBA wether or not navystardust12 will return for a fourth season.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

'The Airplanes Movie' Pending Logo Released!

It is unknown if this will be the real logo, because some altercations are scheduled to be made.

The Airplanes Movie Production Updates

  • The Airplanes Movie will begin production on January 11th, 2011, after fifth season production is complete. This was confirmed on December 28th, 2010.
  • The Airplanes Movie outline is complete. This was confirmed on December 28th, 2010.
  • The Airplanes Movie has been through 10 recurring titles, before finally being confirmed as The Airplanes Movie on December 27th, 2010.

Airplanes Season 5 Episode Description Guide

On December 11th, 2010, principal production on Airplanes Season 5 (styilized as 'Airplane5' and 'Airplanes V') began. After the first two episodes were written, production went on a 17-day hiatus. Well, today production has been re-launched, and episodes of the fifth season are currently in production. As production on episodes complete, navystardust12 will release episode descriptions on the episodes.

In this season:
Demi Lovato reprises her role as Genevieve Hailus for two episodes.
Selena Gomez reprises her role as Maria Hailus for five episodes.
Stanley Tucci reprises his role as George Harvey for two episodes.
Jeanette Miller reprises her role as Andreea Harvey for two episodes.
David DeLuise guest stars for one episode.
Matthew Gray Gubler and Hugh Laurie guest star in two episodes.
Maria Canals Barrera reprises her role as Molly Hailus for five episodes.

Season 5 - Episode 1: "Almost Alive (The Ouija Page Part 2)" January 5th, 2011
Season premiere
The crew communicate with Genevieve into a further extent. (P.O.V. Olivia)
Guest Star: Demi Lovato as Genevieve Hailus
Note: This episode marks the season five premiere.

Season 5 - Episode 2: "John's Gone" January 12th, 2011
John leaves to go to Florida in an attempt to find Andreea and George. (P.O.V. Olivia)

Season 5 - Episode 3: "Attacked" January 20th, 2011
The crew takes their first step towards Florida, but are interrupted by a shocking event. (P.O.V. John)

Season 5 - Episode 4: "Kidnapped" February 23rd, 2011
The crew gets mistaken for another group of people, and are kidnapped by two drug dealers. (P.O.V. Narrator)
Guest Stars: Matthew Gray Gubler as Kidnapper #1 and Hugh Laurie as Kidnapper #2
Note: This episode will return the show from it's extra-long hiatus.

Season 5 - Episode 5: "Escaped" February 23rd, 2011
The crew attempts to escape from where they're being held. Will they make it? (P.O.V. Narrator)
Guest Stars: Matthew Gray Gubler as Kidnapper #1 and Hugh Laurie as Kidnapper #2

Season 5 - Episode 6: "Hitchhiking" March 9th, 2011
The crew travels to the airport, via hitchhiking but soon discover that the driver isn't as innocent as he seems. (P.O.V. Narrator)
Guest Star: David DeLuise as Matt
Note: In production, this episode was split into two parts due to length. The parts will be uploaded back-to-back on the same day.

Monday, December 27, 2010

'Airplanes' Film Details!

More information on the upcoming 'Airplanes' film has just been announced! First off, the film's current working title is 'Airplanes Movie' or 'The Airplanes Movie'. The film will likely begin production in February 2011, and the film will premiere on June 31st, 2011. Production will begin right after production on Airplanes' fifth season is complete. The fifth season will premiere on January 5th, 2011. A general outline for the film has been released:
'The Airplanes Movie' will follow Joe, Maria, and Olivia being thrown back in time, via The Book of Changes. They are faced with an oppurtunity to save Genevieve from the plane crash, however they are forced to realize that if they do go forward with saving her, it will result in painful outcomes that will effect all of them in ways they would've never imagine.
Navystardust12 has released this statement on the film's production:
"I'm currently working on the film's detailed outline. I am very excited to set the film into production. [The Airplanes Movie] will be the part of the franchise that will piece everything together. Secrets will be revealed, and everything will finally make sense."
The film will debut in six 15-minute parts, making it a 90 minute film, in total. These parts will be uploaded over a 5-month span, with the first part premiering on June 31st, 2011 and the film's parts will wrap up on October 23rd or 24th of 2011.

'Halfway' and 'Amelia' Crossover Details!

Information on the upcoming 'Meet Me Halfway' and 'The Amelia Project' crossover has just been announced!
The crossover episode will be listed as Meet Me Halfway's fourth episode and The Amelia Project's seventh episode. The crossover will be titled "The Halfway Project" and will premiere in January 2011.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

'The Amelia Project' and 'Meet Me Halfway' Crossover!?

Earlier this month, navystardust12 debuted a new drama series, entitled 'The Amelia Project' and he is set to debut a 'Finding Jenna Parker' spin-off entitled, 'Meet Me Halfway' on December 29th. Well, he has just announced that he has plans to do a cross over between the two series.
"I think that a crossover could work really well," he explains, "The plots kind of go in the same direction so it would really work."
If a crossover does take place, it will debut in January or February of 2011.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

'Airplanes' Seasons 4&5 Episode Guide

Season 4;
Episode 51 - December 1st, 2010 (Season Premiere)
Episode 52 - December 1st, 2010
Episode 53 - December 1st, 2010
Episode 54 - December 15th, 2010
Episode 55 - December 15th, 2010
Episode 56 - December 15th, 2010
Episode 57 - December 22nd, 2010
Episode 58 - December 22nd, 2010
Episode 59 - December 22nd, 2010
Episode 60 - December 23rd, 2010 (Season Finale)

Season 5;
Episode 61 - January 5th, 2011 (Season Premiere) - Available December 28th via SendSpace (as 'Airplanes: Almost Alive')
Episode 62 - January 12th, 2011
Episode 63 - January 19th, 2011
Episode 64 - January 26th, 2011
Episode 65 - February 2nd, 2011
Episode 66 - February 9th, 2011
Episode 67 - February 16th, 2011
Episode 68 - February 23rd, 2011
Episode 69 - March 2nd, 2011
Episode 70 - March 9th, 2011
Episode 71 - March 16th, 2011
Episode 72 - March 23rd, 2011
Episode 73 - March 30th, 2011
Episode 74 - April 6th, 2011
Episode 75 - April 13th, 2011 (Season Finale) - Available April 8th, 2011 via SendSpace (as 'Airplanes: Wake')

Principal production for Airplanes Season 5 began on December 11th, 2010. Currently, the first two episodes have been written and production is on hiatus. Production will re-start soon.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

'Airplanes' Season 4, Episode 4 Preview!

I turned around, and saw myself lying on the bed.I had dark circles under my eyes, and my hair was an absolute mess."I'm dead?" I asked."In a way," Genevieve said, "They are trying to revive you.""Well, what happened?" I asked.Suddenly, Genevieve's glowing stopped and the room's light suddenly became dim.I heard the sound of bells, and they were slowly getting louder."I'm sorry. I must go." Genevieve said.


'The Diary' Premiere Possibilities!

The following are possible premiere dates for 'The Diary'.
  • December 17th, 2010 (Originally this was the official premiere date, however it may be set off to a later date, as the episode may not be ready).
  • December 19th, 2010 (Navystardust12 has announced he would like to premiere the episode a month before it was originally scheduled to premiere. If this doest take place, this will be exactly one month before the original scheduled premiere).
  • December 23rd, 2010 (This will be the last day before navystardust12 goes on his 2-3 day 'Holiday Hiatus')
  • January 3rd, 2011 (The original official release)
  • January 7th, 2011 (Most likely release)
  • January 23rd, 2011

The episode is currently in the editing process, and navystardust12 will soon be recording Guest vocals for the episode, as he as scheduled to be 2 extras in the episode. His voice will reportedly appear in most episodes as a "recurring voice".

'Airplanes' Season 4 Episode Guide!

In this season:Patrick Dempsey is absent for seven episodes.Selena Gomez is absent for five episodes, before her departure from the season.Demi Lovato reprises her role as Genevieve Hailus for two episodes.Jeanette Miller reprises her role as Andreea Harvey for two episodes.Stanley Tucci reprises his role as George Harvey for two episodes.Although Patrick Dempsey is a season regular, he only appears in the season for three episodes.Although Selena Gomez is a season regular, she only appears in the season for five episodes.
Season 4 - Episode 1: "A New Beginning (Season Premiere)" December 1st, 2010Olivia is shocked when Joe arrives at her house and gives her a piece of shocking information. (P.O.V. Olivia)Introducing: Patrick Dempsey as John RiddleReturning: Emma Watson as Olivia BeckhamAbsent: Selena Gomez as Maria HailusNote: The episode title for this episode is a reference to the season three finale's title, which was "The End".
Season 4 - Episode 2: "The Secret Page" December 1st, 2010Andreea and George Harvey have an important conversation about the book. (P.O.V. Narrator)Guest Stars: Jeanette Miller as Andreea Harvey and Stanley Tucci as George HarveyAbsent: Joe Jonas as Joe, Emma Watson as Olivia, Selena Gomez as Maria, and Patrick Dempsey as JohnNote: This is the only episode so far that has not included one of the main cast members.
Season 4 - Episode 3: "Genevieve's Alive" December 1st, 2010Olivia has a shocking hallucination of Genevieve. Is it real or false? (P.O.V. Olivia)Guest Star: Demi Lovato as Genevieve HailusAbsent: Patrick Dempsey as John Riddle
Season 4 - Episode 4: "Olivia in Afterlife" December 15th, 2010Olivia discovers she is half-dead. (P.O.V. Olivia)Guest Star: Demi Lovato as Genevieve HailusAbsent: Patrick Dempsey as John, Selena Gomez as Maria, and Joe Jonas as JoeNote: The title of this episode also included an uncredited subtitle, entitled "Olivia's Dead"
Season 4 - Episode 5: "The Book of Lies" December 15th, 2010Olivia wakes up from her dream and discovers the book lied. (P.O.V. Olivia)Absent: Patrick Dempsey as John
Season 4 - Episode 6: "The Secret of the Book" December 15th, 2010Olivia discusses her dream. (Part 1: P.O.V. Joe, Part 2: P.O.V. Narrator)Guest Stars: Stanley Tucci as George Harvey, Jeanette Miller as AndreeaAbsent: Patrick Dempsey as John RiddleNote: This episode was mainly a flash back episode of Season 4, Episode 2
Season 4 - Episode 7: "The Resurrection Stone" December 22nd, 2010The crew discovers that Andreea can live forever because of a Resurrection Stone. (P.O.V. Joe)Absent: Patrick Dempsey as John Riddle
Season 4 - Episode 8: "A.N.A.G.R.A.M." December 22nd, 2010The crew discovers a hidden anagram in the book, Maria leaves. (P.O.V. Narrator)Absent: Patrick Dempsey as John RiddleNote: This episode marks the final appearance of Selena Gomez as Maria Hailus for the rest of the season.
Season 4 - Episode 9: "John's Message" December 22nd, 2010John comes back and helps crack the secret hidden in the anagram. (P.O.V. Joe)Absent: Selena Gomez as Maria HailusNote: This episode marks the reappearance of Patrick Dempsey as John Riddle, who had not appeared sense the season premiere.
Season 4 - Episode 10: "The Ouija Page Part 1 (Season Finale)" December 23rd, 2010The crew communicates with Genevieve, with an illustration of a Ouija board (P.O.V. Olivia)Absent: Selena Gomez as Maria HailusNote: This episode marks the season four finale.Note #2: Demi Lovato is not credited as a guest star for this episode, as her image never actually appeared in the episode.

Friday, December 10, 2010

'Airplanes' Season 4 Production Wrapped, Season 5?

Writing for season four of 'Airplanes' has just wrapped, according to navystardust12. Writing finished at precisely 12:15 AM on December 11th, 2010. Now, that the fourth season is complete navystardust12 is ready to confirm the future for the series. Navystardust12 has just determined that he will in fact be renewing the series for a fifth season! The fifth season, which will likely begin production in the very near future, will premiere on January 3rd, 2011 and will finish on April 13th, 2011. Once the fifth season is complete, navystardust12 will produce 'Airplanes: The Movie' which will launch via YouTube on June 30th, 2011. This hiatus will give navystardust12 about 2 and a half months to write the film and edit together the first part. However, this fifth season will be the first season that will only air 1 episode per week, giving the season a never-before season rundate of over 3 months.
We can't wait to see what navystardust12 has in plan for the rest of season 4, and for season 5! More info on season five will be coming soon, right here only on blogspot!

Update: As of 12:51 AM on December 11th, 2010 the season five premiere is complete.
Update #2: 'Airplanes' Season 5 episodes will all have an individual episode title.

Monday, December 6, 2010

xShockingAutumnx Preview!

xShockingAutumnx is set to begin on December 7th, 2010 so we thought we'd give you a preview of what you can expect!
1. Meet Me Halfway (Finding Jenna Parker Spin-Off)
2. The Secret Hour (New Series)
3. Airplanes: The Beginning (Airplanes Prequel Series)
4. Trapped (Returning Series)
5. Quotes on Death (Returning Series)
6. The Secret Life of Phil Montgomery (New Series)
7. Wake (New Series) (Working title)
8. Shattering Tulips (New Series)
9. The Shocking Disturbances of Angela Lincoln (New Series) (Working title)

The first series to premiere will be The Secret Hour, which's first season will air throughout December 2010 and part of January 2011.

'The Diary' Script Complete, In Production +Episode Guide Outline

'The Diary' Episode Guide Outline (Season 1)
Episode # Episode Title Release Date
Episode 1 'The Beginning' January 19/2011
Episode 2 'TBA' March/2011
Episode 3 'TBA' April/2011
Episode 4 'TBA' May/2011
Episode 5 'TBA' July/2011
Episode 6 'TBA' August/2011
Episode 7 'Season Finale' September/2011
If the cast agrees to do a second season, it will start in early 2012.

Today, the script was complete and was sent to all cast members who appear in the episode. Reportedly, parts will be sent by December 31/11 giving navystardust12 a 20-episode window to edit together the first episode. The series is now in production.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

'Airplanes 4' : The Final Season?

"I am furious and confused with [Airplanes]. It's turned into exactly what I didn't want it to be."
Last Wednesday, navystardust12 premiered the fourth season of 'Airplanes' Not even 24 hours after, discussion on a fifth season began. According to navystardust12, a fifth season is a possibility, and is likely however he does not wish to confirm a fifth season, at this time. If the series is picked up for a fifth season, navystardust12 will take the show no further, and the season five finale will be the end. However, he would still do Airplanes: The Movie in June 2011. No confirmation has been announced, but a press conference is scheduled for December 13th, 2010.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

'The Amelia Project' Cancelled!? +'Airplanes IV' Launched! 'Airplanes V' Rumours! +'Winter Wonderland' Discontinued!?

A quote on 'The Amelia Project' reported cancellation.
"No! I am absolutely doing [The Amelia Project]. I just couldn't get it uploaded, yesterday! I'll probably upload it on December 3rd! It's all ready and I have the first two episodes ready to upload. Don't even worry about it."
When we notified navystardust12 of why people were believing that it was cancelled, he gave us this statement:
"Oh! Well, yes. I guess that would be able to be twisted up into... well, that. I did order 27 episodes for the first season but I dropped it to just 9, so I guess that could have been the reason people were freaking out. I shortened it because I felt kind of overwhelmed with everything that's going on with all the new series. I haven't decided on whether or not it will be coming back for a second season. I guess that depends on how the ratings and viewings go."
On December 1st, navystardust12 premiered the fourth and latest season of 'Airplanes'. Recently, navystardust12 commented that he was in fact planning to take the series to a further extent, but wasn't sure wether or not that would be a fifth season and the planned movie, or just the movie. When asked about a fifth season, navystardust12 said that he wasn't even going to talk about until later. Sense the fourth season just premiered yesterday, we won't have much input on wether or not the series will be picked up, again for a while, now. All we can do is wait.
In November, navystardust12 premiered the first two episodes of a new slasher series, entitled Winter Wonderland. But, no episodes have been uploaded for at least 2 weeks, so we're starting to become a little concerned wether or not the series is cancelled or discontinued.
"It'll be back." Navystardust12 said, "I have written the third episode and I have it ready. I'll likely be uploading on December 3rd, along with alot of other new episodes!"
So, it looks like there'll be quite the marathon of content tomorrow in the NSD-verse, including 2 new sony vegas videos, a new episode of Winter Wonderland and the premiere of The Amelia Project. Be sure to check it all out, tomorrow on !

Note: The first episode of The Amelia Project is currently available via leakage here on blogspot on a recent post! It is not a text episode, but rather a video episode and is a little over two minutes long!

Friday, November 26, 2010

'Amelia' Episode One Leak! +Other 'Amelia' Info!

We're giving you the very first episode of 'The Amelia Project' right here right now, 5 days before it premieres on YouTube!

Note: This episode contains some innapropriate language, which may be offending to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Episode Info;

Season: 1

Episode: 1

Title: 'The Attitude of A.M.E.L.I.A.'

Notes: All titles of 'The Amelia Project' episodes will consist of 'The _____ of A.M.E.L.I.A.' Some episodes have been announced to be 'The Secret of A.M.E.L.I.A.' , 'The Troubled Side of A.M.E.L.I.A.' and 'The End of A.M.E.L.IA.' (Season Finale).

The first and current season will consist of 27 episodes, which will be uploaded from now until late March 2010.

Remaining 'Amelia' Posters

'The Amelia Project' premieres Dec. 1st on YouTube!
Update: The series may be retitled to 'The Secret of A.M.E.L.I.A.'
The final decision will be announced on November 28th.

'Airplanes: The Movie' Working Titles!

1) The original title, which was working from it's announcement date on October 7th, 2010 until November 2nd, 2010 was 'Airplanes: 360'.
2) The second title, which was working from November 3rd, 2010 until November 14th, 2010 was 'Airplanes: Plummit to the Past'.
3) The third title, which was working from November 15th, 2010 until November 25th, 2010 was 'Airplanes Presents: Before the Beginning'.
4) There are now several working titles...
  • The Airplanes Movie
  • Airplanes Presents The Plummit to the Past Movie
  • An Airplanes Movie
  • Airplanes: The Movie

At this time, the most possible and likely title is Airplanes: The Movie. However, navystardust12 has released the following statement on the working title:

"I absolutely hate the title. It's way too unoriginal, it's completely predictable, and I feel like it represents and tells nothing about the film's premise. I would really like to combine all the film's title to create something like 'Airplanes: Plummit Back to 360' but it's just not working. I'm considering completely renaming the film so that it doesn't even incorporate the word 'Airplanes' in it."

With this new idea of trashing the word 'Airplanes' in the title, a few more ideas have come up.

  • Plummit to the Past
  • Before the Death
  • Before the Beginning
  • How To Kill Genevieve Hailus

So, which one of the titles do you like the most? Tell us in the comment section!

Monday, November 22, 2010

In the first official 'The Amelia Project' Promotional Poster, it is revealed that the film will be rated NC-17, meaning (symbolically) no one under the age of seventeen should be permitted. The poster is very similar to yesterday's teaster photo. Three more promotional posters will be released from now until November 28th.
We have just received a report that the series is set to premiere this December, which will be revealed publicly with the next theatrical poster. The trailer's edit is reportedly getting finer and finer, and should be released by the end of the week.

Friday, November 19, 2010

New Series: 'Mugshot' Promotional Poster!

This new Rated-R Series, entitled 'Mugshot' will premiere on or around December 15th, 2010. APRIL 2011 UPDATE -> THIS WILL DEBUT ON NAVYSTARDUST12'S WRITING CHANNEL SOON. IT HAS BEEN SWITCHED TO A ONE SHOT.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

'Torn' Cancelled! +'Airplanes: The Movie' Additional Deets!

'Torn: The Final Goodbye' is officially cancelled.
This statement has been released;
"I have decided to cancel the series because it hasn't aired for over 6 months, and I feel like now that I have started a new channel, and I've had it running for all this time, I don't think that the recap would even be viewed. It's been a great series, and I've had fun with it but I no longer wish to focus on it. I'm moving on, and that is that."
The Film Script, which he produced with Diz, Inc. will likely never be released.

In other news, more Airplanes movie details have been announced.
Title: [The series working title is 'Airplanes: Plummit to the Past' however the film may be renamed.]
Release Date: 30 June 2010
Plot: In the film installment of this hit YouTube series, Maria [Selena Gomez] discovers an excruciating detail about the Book of Changes, and takes Joe [Joe Jonas] and Olivia [Emma Watson] plummiting into the past, with a chance of saving Genevieve [Demi Lovato] from the epic plane crash, but they are soon forced to realize that by saving Genevieve, there is no way that they would've metten each other. Along the way, Maria and Joe discover a secret about Olivia that could change the past 12 months.
Starring: Selena Gomez, Joe Jonas, Emma Watson.
Current Status: Pre-production

Friday, November 12, 2010

New Series with 'Twilight Zone' Feel Announced!

Navystardust12 has just revealed a brand new series called, "Shattering Tulips".
Here is an information statement:
"'Shattering Tulips' is a new series that I'm doing that's inspired by 'The Twilight Zone' which is one of my favourite shows of all time. I love the confusing and interesting premises, and I've really wanted to do something like it for quite some time. I'm really excited to have a series where there's no one getting chased by a villain, and there's no one who's trying to be killed. 'Shattering Tulips' is going to be a great series."
He is being completely open with the series, and has released information extravaganza.
Series Title: Shattering Tulips
Release Date: 14 November 2010
Number of Episodes in Season: 23
Finale Date: 22 April 2011
The series will have a different plot with different characters in each episode.

'Airplanes 4' Officially in Writing!

Today, on November 12th, 2010: navytardust12 has begun writing for the fourth season of Airplanes! Navystardust12 says that the series is so far off to a great start, and he can't wait to release it on December 1st, 2010. Season 3 episodes are currently airing on

Notes: The Navystardust12 BlogSpot will now be written in a Trebuchet font, instead of the previous Georgia font. Do you like the new font? Tell us in the comment section!

'Airplanes' Season 4!?!? +'Winter Wonderland' Info!

Navystardust12 has been avoiding rumours regarding the fourth season of 'Airplanes,' but now it's confirmed. 'Airplanes' will be returning for a fourth season. The third and current season will end on November 24th, and season 4 will premiere on December 1st and will run until December 22nd, 2010. In other 'Airplanes' news, navystardust12 has announced further details on the format of the third season. He has announced that POV-wise, Joe Jonas will be the Point of View regular for the season, however for the season finale [which will premiere on November 22nd] George Harvey will share his POV-thoughts for a small part of the episode; 81 words to be exact. Also, a new cast member, named John Riddle (portrayed by Patrick Dempsey) , will also make his POV debut in the season finale. In the fourth season, Patrick Dempsey [Grey's Anatomy] as John Riddle will become a main cast member, and Jeanette Miller, [The Middle, Legion, Carpoolers, and 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd] will appear in some episodes as Andreea Harvey, George Harvey's 81-year-old mother.
Also, some 'Winter Wonderland' Release Info has been announced. 30 episodes have been ordered to conduct the first season. The episodes are currently airing and will be uploaded at random until February 19th, 2011. If the series is succesfully picked up for a second season, it will go on a 8-month production break, and the second season will run from November 11th, 2011 until February 24th, 2012. More updates, coming soon.

Monday, November 8, 2010

'Airplanes IV' Rumours! +'Wake' Cancelled? +'Airplanes: The Movie' Deets!

Airplanes launched it's newest installment, the third season, 5 days ago on November 3rd, 2010. Well, rumours are already circulating about there being a 4th season! BlogSpot will be the first to be notified about if or if not the series will be picked up [again], however navystardust12 is refusing to release any information until November 10th, this Wednesday. Looks like we'll just have to wait. In the meantime, navystardust12 has released this statement:
"I have really had fun with the series, and it's definetly something that I will cherish and remember. However, at this time I do not want to stretch out the series' plot so it becomes boring and long. I still want the series to be kind of confusing, but it still needs to have a base to my series. This series has let me experiment with lots of different genres, and not just the sci-fi genre which I used on my last series on the predecor channel ['All to Myself' and 'Torn']. Every show has to end, and I can only say that [Airplanes] will go with the wind."
-Nicholas Pearson on Airplanes

Navystardust12 was set to premiere an 'Airplanes' prequel series in early October, however the series never premiered. Navystardust12 announced that he does not know what to do with the 'Wake' series, but he will likely still continue to do the series, or will bring it to the YouTube screen in some other way.

Here is a statement on Airplanes: The Movie
"Mr. Pearson is being very stubborn with the film adaption for the series. He really wants it to be perfect, however he is putting the release date to next year. Estimates have been released saying that the film will be released on June 30th, 2011 to mark the 1 Year Anniversary of the series premiering. Navystardust12 reportdely had a different release date in mind, however he [Quote on Quote] "burst into sparks" when he heard the idea of this. He appears to be very enthusiastic about a film, but like I said before- he is being very stubborn with details. He will apparently hold a Press Conference on December 31st, 2010 and on March 23rd, 2011 regarding the series."
-Charles VanDerpon, YT @ 12 News.

Friday, November 5, 2010

New Christmas-Themed Series Announced!

Today, navystardust12 released this promotional image for an upcoming series entitled "Winter Wonderland". According to navystardust12, he has been planning to make a Christmas-themed slasher series for quite some time, but hasn't actually put the series into production until this year. "Winter Wonderland" (formerly "Red Snow") will follow the story of Tyler Maynar, the boy who murdered his entire family in their sleep on the morning of Christmas, when he was 6 years old. This is the first navystardust12 Christmas Series, and is also the first navystardust12 series to have a theatricalized promotional picture. The series will run from November 6th, 2010 to March 13th, 2011 with a total of 30 episodes uploading at random.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Navystardust12 Announces New Series! +'Airplanes: The Movie' Announced!

On October 5th, 2010 navystardust12 ended his second original YouTube series, 'Finding Jenna Parker'. Quote on Quote, "I have mixed feelings about ending this series but I hope to return with the character's story in the near future with a spin-off series or one shot." Well, today he announced that Jenna Parker and the gang would be coming back this december for an all new series entitled, "Meet Me Halfway" which will be a spin-off series that will follow the [Finding] Jenna Parker characters on their struggles with Jenna's assumed pregnancy, but will also follow 2 new characters with a new series that will be similar to 'Finding Jenna Parker' but will have a different feel and premise. "Meet Me Halfway" premieres December 7th on navystardust12's official YouTube channel.
Also today on November 4th, navystardust12 announced via his twitter account that an Airplanes film is on the way! He reportedly hopes to have fellow YouTuber and 'Airplanes' fan, h20justaddwatergirl2 co-produce the film, which is rumoured to be released in spring of 2011. The film's premise has not yet been announced.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Airplanes Download Exclusive Announced!

Tomorrow, navystardust12 will be launching the third season of his hit original YouTube series, 'Airplanes'. He hasn't released much information about season 3, but we have reason to believe that navystardust12 won't be renewing the series for a fourth season.

He announced last week that writing for season 3 was officially complete, and he said that he "brushed through the writing" in just 15 days. Season 3 will be half as long as it's predecesor seasons, seasons 1 and 2. The first 2 seasons, which ran from July 30th to October 31st were both 20 episodes in long, however season 3 will be reduced to just 10 episodes, running for only a little over 3 weeks. Navystardust12 announced today that the season finale would premiere on November 18th, 2010. We are guessing that this will also be the series finale.


Today, navystardust12 released an image that you can see in this blog post. He did not announce any other information with the image. He just uploaded the image onto his blog. The image appears to be a cover for an early-released episode (the season 3 finale) which will likely be released soon, via SendSpace and YouTube. That's right! The blogspot acclaimed series finale will released for downloads

Saturday, October 30, 2010

BloggerFirst: 'Airplanes' Season 3 Intro Debut!

We at Blogger are premiering the Airplanes Season 3 Intro/Opening today at 4:00 PM EST before it's uploaded on YouTube! Check back at 4 for the intro!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Series Announced! +Is 'Airplanes' On The Last Straw?

Navystardust12 has just announced that he will be starting a brand new series, entitled "Foreva Lasting," which will be about a girl named Eva who discovers she has a power that millions of people want across the globe: immortality. The series will begin in early December.
Plus, on September 23rd, navystardust12 announced that his first YouTube series, 'Airplanes' had been succesfully renewed for a third season, which will begin on November 3rd, 2010. However talk is starting that this could be Airplanes' last season.
Navystardust12 comments on the third season being the final season;
"I have no idea what I want. The series is losing viewers and I'm not going to do a series if it's not even getting any views. If I do end it at the third season then I'm going to have to have the series end without any ending. There's no way I can finish the rest of the series in just 15 episodes."
More information on the show's possible cancellation will be discussed once navystardust12 comes to his final decision. In the meatime, 2 new episodes of 'Airplanes' will premiere tomorrow, and the season finale will premiere on the 31st.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

'Cover-up' Cancelled? +New Series In The Works!

Now that it has been over 3 weeks sense navystardust12's new Fall series, 'Coverup' was scheduled to premiere, speculation has begun wether or not the series is cancelled.
Navystardust12 immediately took to his blog to answer the rumours.
"It is in most sorrow that I have decided to cancel 'Cover-up'. The reason is because I was going to make a series similar and inspired by NBC's ''The Event'' but I have decided to cancel the show after learning that my plans for the series were way too similar to the series."
So, now that the series is cancelled, will navystardust12 be making a new series?
"I am working on a new series, but it won't start until November at the least. I am way behind on 'Quotes on Death' which is my biggest priority during the Halloween season. I will be releasing full details about the show on my blog."
Sure enough, he's premiering info on this channel right now.
First of all, the new November series will be called "Sunset in Honolulu" and will be his replacement for "Coverup". Instead of involving extra terrestrial visits, people will begin dissapearing in a hotel in Honolulu, when suddenly the main character's wife is gone, and he is sent through an epic series of events to find out where she's being held hostage.
The series will premiere on November 3rd during navystardust12's first ever 'Night of Premieres'.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Airplanes Season 3 Information!

At the end of September, after many speculation of navystardust12's hit and first series, 'Airplanes' not returning for a third season, it was confirmed that the show would infact be renewed for 15 more episodes. Well, navystardust12 has just announced that he will be a.k.a. renaming the third season to 'Airplanes: FlashForward'. He has quoted that at the second season finale, the plot will completely turn around. He has said that, "for the third season it's going to feel like a completely different show. The same characters with the same main storyline, but it's going to be very different. A completely different premise will be introduced for the third season. I don't know if people are going to like it or not but if they don't then I'll return to the original premise for the season four, if I go on to make a fourth season."
The next 3 episodes of the second season for Airplanes will be airing on Wednesday, October 13th. (episodes 36, 37, and 38). Episode 39, the series' first lone episode will premiere on the 20th, which will be the last episode before the season 2 finale. The series will then be taking an 11-day hiatus, for people to gather up the past of the series and during this time, navystardust12 will write episodes for the third season, The series will return after the hiatus on October 31st, for a special Halloween finale. 3 days later, on November 3rd the season 3 premiere will air. Navystardust12 has said; "the first 2 seasons of Airplanes are a build up to this upcoming season's climax. The story hasn't even begun yet so don't go thinking you've all got it figured out. 'Ya. Someone's gonna die. And then someone's gonna go to jail.' You know if that's what you're thinking you obviously haven't even given the series a chance, so just stop watching it if you're thinking that. I'm not gonna sit there and let people come up with what they want the series to be like. This is my story. (curses) off."

Friday, October 1, 2010

Quotes on Death: 'Unnoficial Uploading Schedule'

Navystardust12 has just announced that his Halloween-themed series will run from October 2nd to October 31st. There will be 16 parts of the series, and will likely be uploaded using roman numerals.
Here is the unnoficial uploading schedule:
(Please note that dates are not official and may be subject to change)

Quotes on Death Uploading Schedule
October 2nd – Part I (Series Premiere)
October 4th – Part II
October 6th – Part III
October 8th – Part IV
October 11th – Part V
October 13th – Part VI
October 15th – Part VII
October 17th – Part VIII
October 20th – Part IX
October 22nd – Part X
October 24th – Part XI
October 26th – Part XII
October 28th – Part XIII
October 29th – Part XIV
October 30th – Part XV
October 31st – Part XVI (Series Finale)
He has also announced there is a chance he will be uploading an epilogue on November 1st, however will likely not because halloween will be over. Navystardust12's Halloween event begins on October 16th and will run until November 1st or 2nd. It was also announced that he may do a 'Halloween' event sometime in spring next year because it is his second-favorite celebration of the year, next to Christmas.

Quotes on Death: 'Meet Murphy'

This is Murphy Rex, the 3rd person to be diagnosed with ZT syndrome, in the town of Linch, Wisconsin. Murphy, who when alive was described as outgoing and kind, is now the complete opposite. He'll sneek up behind you, shyly and devour you when you least expect it. Watch out. You could be next.

Quotes on Death: 'Meet Grace'

Meet Grace Winfield, the 41st person to be diagnosed with ZT syndrome in the town of Wertlon, Massachusetts. Grace, who when was alive, was usually described as warm-hearted and giving, is now the complete opposite: cold-blooded and wants to devour as many souls as possible. Watch out. You could be next.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Navystardust12 Announces New Fall 2010 Series!

So far, navystardust12 has released 2 fall series!
1) 'Impossible' (premiered Sept. 21)
2) 'Trapped' (premiered Sept. 23)
3) 'Coverup' (premieres Sept. 28)
4) 'Torn' (premieres Oct. 10)
5) 'Quotes on Death' (premieres Oct. 31)
But now, a 6th series has just been announced!
Navystardust12 has announced a prequel series to his YouTube series, 'Airplanes'. This new series will be entitled 'Wake' and will tell the story of before Genevieve crashed in the plane. It will tell the story of the girl that George Harvey killed a year before Genevieve arrived at the shelter.
The series has been picked up for a pilot episode, so far but it's been announced that if the series gets picked up, it will be for a 19-episode first season.
The series will premiere on October 5th, 2010 right after navystardust12 releases the 2 Year Anniversary opening video.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Tell us about the finale for season 2.
Well, it's really actually supposed to be a surprise. But I guess I can give you a few little spoilers- actually I'll just give you one- Mr. Harvey makes a guest appearance in the finale.

Are you saying that this will be Mr. G. Harvey's final appearance?
(laughs) No. George is a very important plot of the show, and he's going to be making appearances in 'Airplanes 360'.

What's 'Airplanes 360'? Tell us about that.
Well, 'Airplanes 360' is a spin-off movie for 'Airplanes' and it's gonna be starting on May 1st, 2011. I'm not announcing any plot details until April 3rd, 2011 so I guess you're just gonna have to find out what it's about.

You've just renewed 'Airplanes' for a third season. Tell us about 'Airplanes 3'.
The third season of the show is a follow up on the second season. (pauses) The season 3 premiere is going to be in early November, and season 2's gonna finish off sometime late October. I believe that season 2 finishes on October 31st, and season 3 begins on November 3rd- I think. I'm not quite sure.

What can readers expect to see in the next couple episodes of season 2?
Well, there are 12 more episodes left in season 2, and basically these last couple episodes are gonna be like an epic chase scene action movie. That's kinda what I want it to feel like.

When does Genevieve die?
I can't tell you that. You're gonna have to keep reading to find out.

When you announced the series, Alyson Stoner was a cast member. Where is she?
Alyson Stoner was actually supposed to be a cast member, but I had the idea to basically 'fire' her from the appearance list, and I replaced her with Selena Gomez as Maria Hailus.

Was Stoner supposed to portray Maria?
No. She was actually supposed to portay Olivia Beckham, except she wasn't going to be called Olivia Beckham. When I decided to trash the Alyson Stoner idea, I completely came up with a whole new cast concept. Joe Jonas wasn't even supposed to be in the series, but I switched it up at the final cut. It was actually supposed to be Nick Jonas portraying Genevieve's 'friend with benefits' if you'd liked to call it that.

Will we ever see Alyson Stoner in the series?
(thinks) I've thought about that. I decided that she's not going to be making a constant appearance, but she will have a small sort of recurring role. I'd say guest star but it's more recurring because she'll be in different episodes at different times. Stoner's character is going to be named Alisson "Sunny" Jackson. And she's only going to be making a few appearances. I don't want to talk too much about that, so next question.

Tell us about the Genevieve - Joe - Olivia triangle.
It's complicated. I don't know if anyone's got this, but Genevieve likes Joe, Joe likes Olivia, and Olivia likes Joe. Joe has kind of a little bit of something on the side with Joe, but he doesn't talk about it.

If Joe and Olivia get together what will happen?
Stuff that probably shouldn't be in a PG-rated series. And that's why, right now, I'm announcing that the third season of 'Airplanes' will be PG14 or R-rated. But 99.9% for violence and language. I'm not gonna have any X-rated episodes. Pssh. No. That's just too much.

Well, thankyou for taking the time today.
Oh, no problem. Thank you having me.
Now before we run out of time, do you think anyone should know anything else about the series?
Just... keep watching. That's the only way you're going to find out more about the plotand the characters. I don't want to say anymore then I already have though.
Where are you going after this interview?
Bed. It's 1 AM and I'm tired.
Thanks so much.
No problem, whatsoever.
Stay tuned for a second Q and A.
Hey, Hey. Don't rush me. I just did this one! (laughs)

"Coverup" Delayed? +Airplanes 360 News!

Navystardust12's new series, 'Cover-up' was originally scheduled to begin tomorrow, but after plot frusturations navystardust12 has hinted that the series may be delayed to a further date. If the series does not premiere on September 25th, it will likely be moved to October 9th, 2010 to be part of the Nickdiz18 Two Year Anniversary Celebration, running from October 5th to 15th. (The actual anniversary is October 11th).
Also, navystardust12 has announced for 'Airplanes' seventh and final season to end on April 3rd, 2011. A spin-off YouTube film, entitled 'Airplanes 360' was announced earlier this week. It has now been announced that the film will premiere on May 1st, 2011. The film will be uploaded in 5 different parts, each consisting of 3 to 8 minutes in length. 'Airplanes 360' will act as the follow-up to a cliff hanger series finale. Plot details will be announced on April 3rd, 2011. Also, it was recently announced that 'Airplanes' was succesfully renewed for a third season which will premiere in early November 2010. 'Airplanes 360' will air 5 parts in the span from May 1st to September 1st, 2011. Part 1 will air May 1st, Part 2 will air May 27th, Part 3 will air June 30th, Part 4 will air August 1st, and Part 5 will air on September 1st, 2011. The third part of the film will mark the film being half over, as well as the 1 Year Anniversary of the 'Airplanes' premiere (on June 30th, 2010).
To our readers, we're giving a Special Exclusive Sneak Preview of the Sneak Preview!
It was time for me to speak out. It was impossible for me to hide this anymore.
"I'm dead," I spoke into the microphone.
3 large and tall men instantly ran up onto the stage. The crowd gasped, and I was swept off my feet and put ino a small black truck. It was all over.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Navystardust12 to cancel 'Airplanes'? +Navystardust12 Clears Up Rumors on Airplanes: The Movie!

After many speculation on why navystardust12 has not yet renewed his YouTube show, 'Airplanes' for a third season, now that the show's second season has released 9 episodes so far, navystardust12 is answering the order for a third season.
Quote, "I will be creating a third season for 'Airplanes'. If all goes through, the third season will be premiering on November 3rd, 2010."
We were pretty sure that navystardust12 was going to be renewing the show, after releasing a promotional picture for the unnofficial third season.
Also, navystardust12 has shook things up yet again! 'Airplanes' was first ordered to have 50 seasons and 1000 episodes, and it was announced that the show would instead have 5 seasons and 75 episodes in June, but things have changed up.
Navystardust12 hopes to renew the show for a sixth and seventh season in February, when the series finale was originally scheduled to air. The 6th and 7th installments are unofficial at this time, but navystardust12 will likely be sticking to the plan.
Just recently, rumors broke out about an 'Airplanes' YouTube featured film to finish either the second season or the fifth season (the entire series) however navystardust12 has not even commented on his feeling for a movie, but now he's made it almost-official. If the show goes to have at least 5 seasons, then he will premiere a film after the fifth season/series finale OR the seventh season/series finale, entitled 'Airplanes 360'. The film will support navystardust12's plan to have 8 seasons, having the film technically being used as an 8th season, but will be more like a spin-off movie. Yesterday, navystardust12 only released 1 episode of 'Airplanes' but he will be releasing the following 2 episodes tonight.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Navystardust12 Introduces a new genre to his YouTube Channel!

Today, at precisely around 5:45 navystardust12 uploaded a promotional sneak peek video for the trailer of a completely unnannounced until now show, 'Impossible' which is a LoLena series premiering on September 21st. With navystardust12's recent shows, he mostly did Romantic Horror series, ('Airplanes,' 'Finding Jenna Parker') and with his third show premiering tomorrow, 'Trapped'. But with this new series ('Impossible') he will be introducing the Romantic Comedy genre to his channel, with a cast of Selena Gomez and Logan Lerman as a soon-to-be divorced couple, and Alex Russo's (Selena Gomez) father on the hit Disney show, "Wizards of Waverly Place" David DeLuise as the Court Judge, who will be appearing in several episodes towards the end of the series.
And, check out navystardust12's third original Romantic Horror series, 'Trapped' which premieres tomorrow! (Sept. 15)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Navystardust News : 'Camp Rock 3' Rumors!

At the "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" premiere earlier this month, 18-year-old star, Demi Lovato commented on the possibility of creating the franchise into a trilogy:
"I would love to see a third film, and releasing it theatrically would be a good step."
Although the 3rd sequel hasn't yet been confirmed, celebrity blogger, Zack Taylor has said that it's "99%" for a third and final film, likely to be released in theatres in summer 2012.
Taylor also commented that he is "excited to see where the executives will take the third film" if it does happen, and that if creators do put the third film into production, it will likely be filmed in summer 2011.
Starring Demi Lovato as Mitchie Torres and the Jonas Brothers as Shane, Nate, and Jason, "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" was debuted on September 3rd on the Disney Channel at 8 PM, with over 8 million viewers tuning in for the premiere event. The number made it television's No. 1 Labor Day weekend telecast ever among kids aged 6-11 and tweens aged 9-14.
In a press release, the Disney company announced that if the second film had been released in theatres, it would have made around $63 million during opening night, if tickets were sold at the nationwide average of $7.95, and that's just counting the american viewers. The film would've made up to about $100 million during opening night including the canadian theatres, as it premiered at 8 PM on the canadian network, the Family Channel at the same time it premiered on the Disney Channel in the U.S.
So do you want to see a third Camp Rock film? Leave your opinion below, and be sure to catch the premiere of "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" on September 18th in the U.K. and be sure to buy the extended version DVD of the film in stores today in Canada/U.S.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wake Me Up When September Ends Promotional Add

The 4-Week Event
Starts Sept. 9

"Wake Me Up When September Ends [is] the perfect way to end the summer."
-Nicholas Marianas, YTU

After suffering through a car crash, Amelia Brown is rushed to the hospital in critical condition, where she is pronounced dead. Amelia is given the oppurtunity to have one more chance at life, but she must do her angel-friend a favor; return a golden locket that has the power to give perished people a chance at life. The problem? She only has an hour.

"Finding Jenna Parker" 2-Day Marathon October 2-3

Rumors are speculating about what the series finale of "Finding Jenna Parker" may have in stores for us, and if we're ever going to see the 4th episode premiere. Well, navystardust12 has just announced there's only 6 episodes left of the series, even though only 4 have premiered. New episodes were set to premiere every Sunday after the premiere on July 15th, therefore leading the 15-episode series to finish in October during the 2 year anniversary of nickdiz18, but now there's gonna be a change in things:
The fourth and fifth episodes are going to premiere sometime this September, but their isn't 6 more sundays left before the 2 year anniversary event (beginning on October 4th) so there's a new plan:
Episode 4 - September 19th
Episode 5 - September 26th
Episode 6 - October 2nd (Marathon Part 1)
Episode 7 - October 2nd (Marathon Part 1)
Episode 8 - October 3rd (Marathon Part 2)
Episode 9 - October 3rd (Marathon Part 2)
Episode 10 - 2 Year Anniversary Event (Series Finale)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Navystardust12 Comments on Third Season: "Yes." +"Torn: The Movie" Script to Finally be Released!

Navystardust12 has released 2 promos for his upcoming october 2nd-beginning second season, so far but he's now commented on a third season (to begin in February) He has said "Yes, I have planned on doing at least five seasons and I am expecting to do a third season, but I always say to comment on the future when you're positive it can happen. February is a long time from now, but I've already planned SEVERAL new series to begin in 2011-2013, so not creating a third season would be completely trashing those series ideas."
Plus, navystardust12 who is set to premiere the third season of his hit Nickdiz18 Original series, "Torn" on October 10th as part of nickdiz18's 2 year anniversary, and to start off the second navystardust12 series, and it was recently confirmed the plot for the cancelled film, "Torn: The Movie" (which was originally supposed to premiere on June 30th but was cancelled because of Nickdiz18 YouTube suspension, and 'Airplanes' replaced the June 30th date) would be switched to a YouTube series format, to supply as the show's third season. The only thing that will be different about the movie-to-series plot is that the season 3 premiere will not consist of the first part of the movie script, but will rather consist of the original season 2 plot, which was not uploaded because of the Nickdiz18 youtube cancellation.
In other news, Navystardust12 was set to do an early premiere of "Trapped" tomorrow on the iCandy writing collab channel, but will now be delayed to a 25th premiere, letting his other series "Coverup" take the september 15th premiere slot. Also, navystardust12 has announced a september event to start tomorrow (September 8th, Wednesday) consisting of 4 episodes of a short series called, "Wake Me Up When September Ends". The show was supposed to be a "surprise" but we leaked it! But shhh! Navystardust12 is not announcing it on his channel until the premiere tomorrow, so don't tell!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Navystardust12 on 2013 Cancellation: "It's a possibility."

Navystardust12 commented on cancelling his YouTube channel in 3 years...
"I think that it would be in best interest for me to resign in 2013, but I have already planned about 10 more series for the channel, and I really want to continue to put those ideas into action, so if I do quit in 2013, I want to make sure I've tried out everything I wanted to. But yes, it's a possibility. I'm not saying that it's positive, but anything can happen. I might be dead in 2013, you never know. I think it's best to comment on the future in the future."
So if he does quit in 2013, what's your view on it all? Leave a comment.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Navystardust12 announced that the second season of videos on his channel will be starting around the 75-video mark. Season 2 is his way of renewing the channel for more videos, which means that a minimum of 75 more videos have been ordered, even though navystardust12 and nickdiz18 in the earlier days have noted on quitting youtube with in the next few months. If navystardust12 uploads at the same rate as the 1st season, season 2 will probably last 5 months, until next February which just so happens to be the month that the series finale of "Airplanes" will air. So, now we have one question for you: Will you be viewing the second season of Navystardust12? Leave a comment!

Monday, August 30, 2010

"Trapped" to Premiere 7 Days Early on iCandy!

Navystardust12 has just announced that he will be releasing "Trapped" (his September 15th-premiere series) 7 days early on his writing collab channel, iCandy on September 8th, 2010. (If all goes through to have the channel begin on September 5th, 2010). He has announced that "Trapped" will air on Wednesdays on iCandy. He's also announced that on September 15th he will be holding a special "marathon" consisting of 3 new episodes of "Airplanes" and the series premiere of "Trapped" +A Sneak Preview of the September 25th Series, "Coverup". Another mini-marathon will be held on September 25th, airing the series premiere of the new series, "Coverup" plus a sneak preview of the season 3 premiere of "Torn". Also uploaded on the 25th, a Recap of the first and second season of "Torn". Navystardust12 will be calling the September marathon event, "Navystardust12's End-of-Summer Premiere Marathon". Also, navystardust12 will be selling-off the ideas for "Earl's Camera" and "The Imaginarium of Nicholas Parnoski" in an upcoming video. With the agreement of navystardust12 being labelled as Producer and Creator.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Navystardust12 Releases 4 "Airplanes" Promotional Pictures! +Official "Torn" Season 2 Schedule

Navystardust12 has released 4 new promotional pictures for his series, "Airplanes". The pictures consist of 3 topics: the current second season, the season 2 finale, and the season 3 premiere. These are the pictures. (P.S. The fourth picture is not yet ready for release, according to navystardust12, however he has released info saying the picture is of Times Square in New York City, following Genevieve Hailus' return to New York.)
Also, he has released the schedule for the complete second season of Airplanes, now playing on his YouTube channel:
Episodes 24, 25, and 26 – September 1st
Episodes 27,28, and 29 – September 8th
Episodes 31, 32, and 33 – September 15th
Episodes 34, 35, and 36 – September 22nd
Episodes 37, 38, and 39 – September 29th
Episodes 40 – October 6th (Season 2 Finale)
Episodes 21, 22, 23 (used to premiere the second season) were already premiered.
The full season 3 schedule hasn't been released, but it's been announced the first 3 episodes of season 3 will premiere on October 13th, a week after the season 2 finale. It's also been announced that the series/season 5 finale will premiere early next year, on January 26th, 2011. Details (plot-wise) on the next 3 seasons (3, 4, and 5) haven't been announced, but 3 new episodes of the series will premiere this Wednesday, on September 1st. Perhaps Genevieve, Joe, and Olivia will finally get to New York in the next 3 episodes!
Speaking of Olivia Beckham (portrayed by Emma Watson), she will be leaving the show sometime during the episode 27, 28 and 29 marathon, but she has been casted for a main role in the spin-off series, "Cyber" which will begin on November 11th, 2011. She will still return in future episodes of the series (she's rumoured to appear in the season 2 finale) as a recurring cast member, and will also appear in 3 episodes of season 3, 4 episodes in season 4, and might return as a main cast member in season 5, with a 13-episode appearance in the fifth and final season.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Navystardust12 Trashes "The Imaginarium of Nicholas Parnoski" and "Earl's Camera," Replaces with "Titanic III" +"Cover-Up" to Premiere 2 Months Early!

After just one day of announcing the new shows for the Fall 2010 line-up, navystardust12 has already trashed 2 of the shows.
"The Imaginarium of Nicholas Parnoski" and "Earl's Camera" were 2 fantasy shows that were set to premiere next month, but Navystardust12 has now put down the 2 shows, and will produce a video to sell off the 2 shows to a different YouTube channel, with the show still created by navystardust12 in the opening and closing credits.
But, there's more then 1 show on the way for the 2010-2011 season.
Inspired by the upcoming TV film, "Titanic III" will be a spin-off of the "Titanic II" film, set to premiere on TV tomorrow. (August 24th, 2010) The plot for the TV film is a new ship being created in April 2012, to mark the 100th anniversary of the original Titanic's sinking.
In navystardust12's series, "Titanic III" (or 'Titanic 3') the last survivor of the original Titanic dies, leading an exact replica to plummit down into the water, so researchers can record exactly what happened to the Titanic's deformation in the ocean.
This means that 3 shows are on the way this September. "Cover-up" was going to start in November, but it will now start in mid-September, replacing "FJP" which finishes in early-mid October, during the 2 year anniversary of Nickdiz18.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Navystardust12 Announces New Shows for Fall 2010 Line-up! +"The Diary" Contest Closed!

Navystardust12 has just announced 3 new shows to premiere in the Fall 2010 lineup.

#1: Trapped: A newly-wed couple crashes into a Niagara Falls motel for the night of their honeymoon, and cautiously meet the owners of the old almost-deserted motel. After the night, Michael and Hannah MacDonald keep finding it harder to leave the motel once they begin to become closer with the owners, and soon find themselves trapped in the strange and mysterious serenities of the Fallsview motel. (1 season, 30 episodes)
Release Date: September 25th, 2010. Genre: Mystery

#2: The Imaginarium of Nicholas Parnoski: Mr. Nicholas Samuel Parknoski, a former detective gets layed off from his job at 'The New York Times' and soon finds himself scrambling for money to pay for food and his rent. During a stormy night, Nicholas imagines that he lived in a world where he could reverse his world into the opposite of what it is. The next morning, he his happy to discover his old job, his girlfriend, and his large house when he wakes up. (1 season, 23 episodes)
Release Date: September 30th, 2010. Genre: Fantasy
This show has been trashed. To pick up the series, message navystardust12 on YouTube.

#3: Earl's Camera: Earl, a lazy, unemployed man who lives with his mother in downtown London, Ontario receives a camera for his 27th birthday. He takes many pictures of himself, his mom, and his yard with his camera. When playing around with the camera, Earl notices a setting on his camera that he didn't notice before: 4-D. With this setting, Earl can take any picture or video with the 4th dimensional setting, and when he views back at the pictures and video, the setting surrounds him, giving him the gift to live in the moment of the pictures and videos he takes. But it only lasts for a short time, and if Earl lives in the memories for too long, he could get stuck in the past forever! (1 season, 15 episodes)
Release Date: October 3rd, 2010. Genre: Children's Fantasy
This show has been trashed. To pick up the series, message navystardust12 on YouTube.

Titanic III is another series on the way. Check out the newest blog for info

Midseason Series:

#4: Cover-up: Demetri Richardson, 67, searches for his high-school honey who was reported missing 10 years ago. While at it, Demetri discovers one of the USA's most covered-up stories in american history: an extra-terrestrial visit. (1 season, 27 episodes : season 2 in development)
Release Date: Mid-September 2010 [Exact un-announced]. Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Action

The 2010-2011 season is set to run from August 25th, 2010 to June 30th, 2011. The new season on Navystardust12's channel will begin with the "Airplanes" season 2 premiere and finish off with the "Cover-up" season 2 finale. "Cover-up" is the only announced midseason series for the 2010-2011 season, because it is not set to begin until mid-November, but another/more midseason series may be announced later in the season.

Be sure to check out these series, plus the 2 current series, 'Airplanes' and 'Finding Jenna Parker' on

ALSO: "The Diary of Hailey Ford and Kat Breslau" Voice-Over contest just closed, yesterday on Navystardust12's channel. Production will begin by September, and the first episode will premiere this November.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Navystardust12 is ready to close "The Diary" Series Contest!

Navystardust12 has just announced that all parts, but one have been taken for "The Diary".
Navystardust12 still needs someone to take on the role of Juliet Mendler (played by Bridgette Mendler) but other then that, navystardust12 is hoping to have the contest closed by the end of this month!
"The Diary" is set to start in November of this year.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"AIRPLANES" Season 1 Finale Released!

Navystardust12 premiere the 2-part season finale of "Airplanes" this morning.
However, today there was a change in scheduling.
Usually, navystardust12 releases 3 episodes of the show every Wednesday, but today he only released 2. This is because navystardust12 did not want to have the season finale in 3 parts, because that would make the season 21 episodes long instead of 20, and navystardust12 wants to make all seasons of 'Airplanes' either 10, 15, or 20 episodes long.
Navystardust12 hinted that the second season's first 3 episodes are already written, and they are set to premiere next Wednesday, August 25th, 2010.
P.S. 5 seasons have been planned for the series, consisting of 1 75-episode series.
NavyStarDust News THIRD EDITION!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

NAVYSTARDUST NEWS | SECOND EDITION: Selena Gomez Talks WOWP 4 and Movie Sequel!

Selena Gomez recently spoke about her 2nd album and the future for her Disney Channel hit series, "Wizards of Waverly Place" during a Ramona and Beezus interview.
She has said her second album will likely be called "A Year Without Rain". When asked about the album Selena said the album had more of a "feel good dance-beat" and that she is very proud of her "growing up" on the new record. She also announced the fourth season of WOWP will be the last season, and that it will be very hard for her to finish off the series. Her schedule is WOWP season 4, WOWP movie sequel to end franchise, and then a tour to promote the album.


'Airplanes' Season Finale To Air Wednesday! +"Finding Jenna Parker" Cancelled!

In June, Navystardust12 announced that his debut series, "Airplanes" first season was set to finish on Wednesday, August 19th, 2010. The date is still set and official. In other news, it has been announced that "Finding Jenna Parker" (which started on July 15th, 2010) has been cancelled. The show has been shortened to just one season consisting of 15 episodes + a 5-part epilogue entitled, "I Thought I Lost You, Jenna Parker". Nickdiz18 (now navystardust12) has been on vacation from the 7th to today, so there has been no videos for a week, but videos are set to re-start tomorrow, airing the third episode of "Finding Jenna Parker".
Also, only on the Navystardust12/Nickdiz18 blogspot: there is going to be a NAVYSTARDUST12 NEWS blog with information on all things entertainment! NAVYSTARDUST12 NEWS is set to start sometime next week.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Finding Jenna Parker" Renewed for Third Episode! +Full Episode Guide

"[Finding] Jenna Parker" has been renewed for a third episode! The third episode is set to air tomorrow, on August 1st, 2010 on the main navystardust12 YouTube channel.
Also, the Full episode guide has been announced.
Episode 1 - July 15th, 2010
Episode 2 - July 22nd, 2010
Episode 3 - August 1st, 2010
Episode 4 - August 22nd, 2010
Episode 5 - August 29th, 2010
Episode 6 - September 5th, 2010
Episode 7 - September 12th, 2010
Episode 8 - September 19th, 2010
Episode 9 - September 26th, 2010
Episode 10 - October 3rd, 2010
Episode 11 - October 10th, 2010 (Season Finale: Part I)
Episode 12 - October 10th, 2010 (Season Finale: Part II)
The second season of "[Finding] Jenna Parker" has officialy been renamed to "I Thought I Lost You, Jenna Parker" (officialy marketed as "I Thought I Lost You"). 5 episodes have been demanded for the second season.
"I Thought I Lost You, Jenna Parker" Episode Guide:
Episode 1 (2x1) - October 17th, 2010
Episode 2 (2x2) - October 20th, 2010
Episode 3 (2x3) - October 24th, 2010
Episode 4 (2x4) - October 27th, 2010
Episode 5 (2x5) - October 31st, 2010 (Halloween Season Finale)
The third season of "[Finding] Jenna Parker" has officialy been renamed to "Finding Jenna Parker 3: The Epilogues" (officialy marketed as "Finding Jenna Parker: The Epilogues"/"Finding The Jenna Parker Epilogues") 3 episodes have been demanded for the third season.
"Finding Jenna Parker 3: The Epilogues" Episode Guide:
Episode 1 (3x1) - November 1st, 2010
Episode 2 (3x2) - November 2nd, 2010
Episode 3 (3x3) - November 3rd, 2010 (Season 3/Series Finale)
The fourth season of "[Finding] Jenna Parker" has not yet been announced. However, navystardust12 has quoted that "if the fourth season comes into demandment, I will create a YouTube Movie or a spin-off series."

Friday, July 30, 2010

"Airplanes" Season Finale Approaches! Two One-Shots on the Way! "CYBER" Delayed? + New Line-Up for 2012/13 Season!

Navystardust12 has announced alot of things.
First up on todays' MEGA update: We're discussing the season finale of Airplanes approaching.
As of today, "Airplanes" has been running for exactly one month and the first 15 episodes of the series have been uploaded. Well, 5 episodes for the first season have been demanded, making the 20th episode to be the season finale. The season one finale is set to premiere in mid-late August. The series has been renewed for a second season, giving Navystardust12 some problems.
"The series was originally supposed to have 1000 episodes," stated Navystardust12, commenting that the series was scheduled to be running until 2015 giving the series a total of 50 seasons. Well, it has now been announced that the series will be shrunken into just 75 episodes and 5 seasons, giving Navystardust12 (previosuly Nickdiz18) some problems.
In other "Airplanes" news, the Airplanes spin-off series "CYBER" has recently been announced as delayed. The series was originally supposed to air on November 11th of next year (2011) and Navystardust12 would still like to keep the release date, but the series is in questioned delaying. We'll have a confirmation soon, but we are expecting for the premiere to stay as 11/11/11 because it'll give navystardust12 over a year to make the series.
In other news, Navystardust12 has announced that he will be creating 2 one-shots. One will be called "The End: A Jemi One-Shot" and the other "Before the Storm: A Niley One-Shot". He has said that he is currently writing "Before a Storm" and it is expected to be uploaded on his main YouTube channel, sometime in late August or early September. "The End" will likely be released sometime during Navystardust12's Halloween Celebration.
Also, navystardust12 has released info on his 2012/2013 YouTube season. A series called "What Could've Been" is scheduled to be starting on December 12th of 2012. Also, navystardust12 will be introducing a real-life controversy theme in his upcoming series, "Doomsday" (a.k.a. "2012") which is a series expected to start in September 2012. He has announced that the 2012/2013 season will run from September 1st, 2012 to May 30th, 2013. (That is if the world doesn't end). Navystardust12 will also be making a series based on his life for the 2013 season, (his first Based on a True Story series) in early 2013. Navystardust12 will not be releasing any info on the 2013/2014 series until 2011, incase something happens not allowing him to follow his plans.
And now, for the first ever "iNAVYSTARDUST12" Blogger segment:
Navystardust12 will be releasing the "Airplanes" Episode Guide in the future. The download link for the guide will be found in an upcoming navystardust12 video, shared by
Remember to keep yourself posted to the Nickdiz18/Navystardust12 Official Blogspot so you have the info before anyone else!
Thanks for checking out your #1 and only source for Navystardust12/Nickdiz18 info.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Airplanes" Renewed for Second Season! +"Finding Jenna Parker" Premiere Release via YouTube PLUS "Quotes on Death" Information Released!

After over 2 weeks of no posts, we are back with three topics!
First of all, precisely 2 days ago Navystardust12 uploaded the series premiere of his brand new YouTube series, "[Finding] Jenna Parker". The 'Finding' part of the series title is used in bracets, because the series name may be shortened to Jenna Parker in the future, according to Navystardust12. The first episode launched, receiving no feedback, the same with "Airplanes". None the less, navystardust12 will continue to air episodes of the series.
In other news, "Airplanes" creator, navystardust12 has recently announced that "Airplanes" will infact be returning for a second season. The season 1 finale is set to air on August 15th, and the second season will premiere a week later, on August 22nd. Plot deets have not yet been announced. Also, a new character was recently added to the "Airplanes" cast. Olivia Beckham, portrayed by british actress, Emma Watson (Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) is the newest apprentice to Genevieve "Jen" Hailus and Joseph "Joe" Jonas.
In other news, Navystardust12 recently announced an upcoming series entitled "Quotes on Death". Well, now series information has been announced.
The series is set to premiere this October 31st, as part of Navystardust12's Halloween Celebration (officially named "Navystardust12 Presents; The NAVYSTARDUST12 Spooky Day of Premieres). Other things set to premiere during the event include the season 2 finale of "Airplanes" the series finale of "I Thought I Lost You, Jenna Parker" and the premiere of the first ever Navystardust 12 one-shot episode, "The End".
"I Thought I Lost You, Jenna Parker" (marketed as "I Thought I Lost You") is a five-episode spin-off series of "[Finding] Jenna Parker", airing in just a 4 weeks-length. (It will premiere after the Navystardust12 Two year anniversary).

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Airplanes" Hits YouTube! +"Finding Jenna Parker" Premiere Approaches!

The Airplanes World Premiere Event finished last night at 10:30, premiering the first 3 episodes of the series on one day- June 30th. The episodes received several views- but no feedback was given (comment or rating-wise). Although no one appears to be watching the series, navystardust12 will continue the series with hope that the series will receive more views in the future, or will be viewed when the series is over.
In other news, "Finding Jenna Parker" is set to premiere in 2 weeks (July 15th) and rumours have blossomed that the series may be delayed, because the premiere date and Airplanes' premiere date are only 16 days apart.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Cyber" Update!

Nickdiz18 has released new information on his 2011 upcoming series, "Cyber".
The series will be a spin-off of his series, "Airplanes" which is set to premiere on YouTube, this Wednesday. Cyber's main character will follow the life of Airplanes' supporting character, Alyson Stoner. The "CYBER" release date has not yet been announced, but you can keep checking out Nickdiz18Blogspot for more information on "Cyber".

Nickdiz18 responds to "Mars" Series Rumours!

Nickdiz18 has confirmed that there will not be a "Life on Mars" YouTube series. However, there is a new series on the way, called "Quotes on Death". The series will be about a popular celebrity who has dreams about her death. Eventually, the star cannot tell wether she is awake or asleep, and the press begins to think she is going crazy. The series will start sometime in the 2010-2011 season. More plot details on "Quotes on Death" will be released soon.

Friday, June 25, 2010

BlogSpot First: Nickdiz18 Collab Channel #3?

Nickdiz18 (now navystardust12) already has 2 collab channels. One, fiveghettokids, a comedy VLog collab channel, where the first set of videos are set to be released sometime in later June or July. Two, freecommunitychannel, a channel for a non-profit organization that supports topics such as the Haiti earthquake. But Navystardust12 has not yet created a certain-type of collab channel: A multifandom collab channel. Well, now he has.
The channel has not yet been created, and the username has not yet been determined, however Navystardust12 will be posting a video, requesting at least four feedbacks. Users will need to comment on the video, and once the four people (plus Navystardust12) determine a username, the channel will be put into fruition, and the first collaboration will be posted.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

RUMOURED: New Navystardust12 Series!

A new Nickdiz18/navystardust12 series is in rumoured conference.
A rumoured series about life on mars is rumourdely coming to YouTube.
The rumour has not been confirmed, but if Nickdiz18 does do the series, it is expected to start in 2012 or 2013. An answer is coming soon...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BlogSpot First: Airplanes Season 1 & 2 Plot Details Announced!

With only one week until the premiere of "Airplanes," Nickdiz18 (Navystardust12) has released new details on the plot.
First of all, Genevieve's (Demi Lovato) dad dies unexpectedly, and Genevieve "Jen" Hailus and her mother must move to a small town in New Jersey to take part in a shelter program for those who can't afford to stay in their house.
When Demi meets a boy (Joe Jonas) unexpectedly during a tour of the shelter, she immediately becomes friends with him, and falls in love with him.
The owner of the shelter seems kind but Genevieve finds him watching her, very often. Joe and Genevieve get suspicious of the owner, and begin watching him. After weeks of watching, they see him dragging what appears to be a full body-bag into his house, beside the shelter. Jen and Joe immediately come up with a plan to investigate the body bag, and Genevieve (Jen) gets caught. The owner forces Genevieve to stay and explain to him why she was found in his house without permission.
Well, that is the plot for season 1 and 2 of 5. Be sure to catch the premiere of the first 3 episodes, on June 30th. (Airplanes: A World Premiere Event).

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"TORN" Renewed +Exclusive "TORN" Schedule

Navystardust12 has - yet again - renewed The "Torn" Series!

The series' second season ended on an unexpected note in May, when Nickdiz18 was suspended from YouTube. And just when we thought it was all over, he renewed the series for the third and fourth season.

But now, Nickdiz18 has renewed the series for a fifth season! However, Nickdiz18 has quoted that the fifth season will be the last season, and under practically no circumstances will he renew the season for a sixth season.

And, the plot for Torn: The Movie had just gotten finished, when Nickdiz18 was suspended. The movie is a long enough length for them to replace the movie script as the third season.

Here are the official premieres and finales for the remaining seasons:

Season 3; October 10th, 2010 - February 13th, 2011

Season 4; March 13th, 2011 - July 17th, 2011

Season 5; August 21st, 2011 - January 15th, 2012

There are 58 more episodes planned for the series. (There were originally 57, but 2 episodes will be aired for the series finale, making a total of 58 episodes).

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What's in the future?

Nickdiz18 has released information on what he is focusing on doing in the future. He was scheduled to be leaving YouTube in September 2010, but once creating a new YouTube channel he has said that "something has hit me. rather, it has striked me across the face." He has decided that it would be stupid to leave, and that he had just been gloating about how stupid he thought YouTube was for suspending him from his first channel.
He says that he wants to do all of the series he has thought up (Airplanes, Finding Jenna Parker, Torn: The Final Goodbye, and Cyber) but in the future he would like to quit YouTube because one of the general reasons he had been wanting to quit YouTube this september, was because he felt he was spending too much time on his videos, and not enough time with friends and family.
More series are still to come from navystardust12, not including a recently cancelled voice-over series.
Nickdiz18 hopes to spend more time with his FiveGhettoKids YouTube collab channel, and wants to focus on "getting himself into the world".
His new scheduled last appearance on YouTube [nickdiz18-wise] is sometime in 2013.

Other News:
Nickdiz18 turns 2 on October 11th, 2010.
Airplanes Trailer #2 to be released tomorrow.
Finding Jenna Parker Trailer to be released Saturday.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

BlogSpot First: "Cyber" Information Extravaganza! + New Series on the Way!

Nickdiz18 has released new information on his upcoming series, "Cyber".
He says the series has been delayed due to plot frusturations, however it is set to premiere on July 15th, 2010. Exactly one month after the "Airplanes" finale premieres.
PLOT: This is your world. You designed it. You built it. You created it. Now, it's your job to save it.
Nickdiz18 says the series will really be pushing the envelope, and computer, science, and sci-fi fans will be excited to see the new episodes, which will be coming out every Saturday night. A trailer for the series will be available for viewing sometime within the next couple months.
However, plot frusturations isn't the only reason that the series has been delayed. Nickdiz18 has a new series on the way! A romance/adventure series!
The series is called "Finding Jenna Parker". In the story, Jenna Parker (portrayed by Miley Cyrus) goes missing. Mysteriously, the phone and internet lines have been disconnected, and the friends were on a 3-person school trip in South Africa. There's no police. No ambulance. No help. They're alone. The other 2 friends set off on a quest to find Jenna, and they fall in love during their journey. Finally, they must decide what's most important: saving their friend, or their love for each other.
"Finding Jenna Parker" starts Summer 2010.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

BlogSpot First: "TORN" Season 4 Plot Details!

Nickdiz18 has finished his 13-day BlogSpot break, to work out some things he needs to do in the future. One of the things he has accomplished during the break? Torn: The Final Goodbye plot details. He has said that the logo was created during his break but it will not be released until the trailer debuts sometime within the month (June 2010). In this "Goodbye" special spin-off/follow up series, the plot has changed.
The season 3 plot details have not yet been announced, but Nickdiz18 is giving us a glimpse into the future.
PLOT: A supernatual law service has been following the powers of Nicholas Jonas and Miley Cyrus. They have now realized that Nick and Miley are in fact disobeying the rules, and both of them, plus their families, have all been setenced to die. A story about hope, trust, and forgiveness will come to a climax, when an army of supernaturalists team up to save what is right.
Season 4's premiere has not yet been determined, however Season 3 is set to premiere on October 10th, 2010.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Nickdiz18 Exclusives! +Nickdiz18 BlogSpot Temporarily Cancelled!

Nickdiz18 has temporarily cancelled all Nickdiz18 BlogSpot posts. He says, Quote, "I will be temporarily abandoning the Nickdiz18 blogspot. If anyone would like to temporarily adopt the site, they can talk to navystardust12 on YouTube."
Nickdiz18 has created a Navystardust12 blogspot site. Here is the link:
Also, for an almost-final "Goodbye" to this site, Nickdiz18 has released some official exclusives! Including Promotional Picture #1 for The Airplanes Series, The Official Logo for Navystardust12 Original Productions, and a very-exclusive second promo for his new series, "Airplanes" which won't air on the Navystardust12 channel, until Wednesday!
Also, Navystardust12 has been officially confirmed as a "Five Ghetto Kid." His new YouTube Comedy VLog Collab Channel ( is very high-acclaimed by the creator, whimsywhimsy54. In fact, the channel is so high acclaimed, that they want YOU guys to be a part of it! View the fiveghettokids youtube channel to view/read more about how you can be the fourth and fifth "ghetto" kid!
The Nickdiz18 Exclusives will be posted in the next few moments!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nickdiz18 Announces Navystardust12 Series!

As you may know, Nickdiz18 has been suspended from his main account, so his new channel is navystardust12.
Well, Nickdiz18 has announced that he will be starting several new series on the channel!
Some of the series include:
Airplanes - Starts June 30th
Torn: The Final Goodbye - Starts December 2010
Cyber - Unofficial

As you can see, Nickdiz18 has many ideas for his new channel. In fact, he has renewed the navystardust12! He earlier announced that he would be ending Navystardust12 sometime in September 2010, but he has said that the new oppurtunities have enlightened and inspired him, so he will be going at the new channel for - what seems like - forever.
The Airplanes and Torn: The Final Goodbye Plots have also been released! Here's some info:
Airplanes - "Airplanes" is a brand new Nickdiz18 series that will be hitting the Navystardust12 channel, on June 30th. The series is about Genevieve (Demi Lovato) who is a girl who was murdered. Nickdiz18 has said the plot will be a mix of "The Lovely Bones," and his cancelled series, "Torn". Speaking of Torn...
Torn: The Final Goodbye - This "Goodbye" series will be replacing the Torn movie, which was scheduled to hit YouTube on June 30th, on the original Nickdiz18 series. The third season won't be starting for another 7 months, but Nickdiz18 has said that he expects for everyone to know what is going to happen, sense the series was so predictable in the first place. Torn: The Final Goodbye is expected to go on into the new year (2011) and the "Goodbye" Part of the series will feature the third and fourth season of the "Torn" series.
For new viewers, Nickdiz18 will be releasing a video with a recap of the first and second season. Some viewers may be thinking, "Nickdiz18 never released the TORN season 2 finale." Well, Nickdiz18 will be releasing the finale, however instead of the episode being the season 2 finale, it will be the season 3 premiere. Also, Nickdiz18 has announced that the final seasons of TORN will have an extended amount of episodes. The third season is going to hit the 30-episode mark, and the fourth and final season will hit 20 episodes. So, viewers can be exicted for a total of 50 new episodes, just when they thought the series was coming to an end.
Why is Navystardust12 waiting so long to release the TORN: The Final Goodbye Part of the series? Well, "Airplanes" is starting in just over a month, and the new series is expected to be running for a very long time. So long, an expected 1000 episodes are expected for the new series! 1000! Nickdiz18 says that "Airplanes" was originally supposed to be a YouTube movie, but the full movie would be over 3 hours long.
New information on these hot new series will be released soon!
COMING SOON - "Cyber" Plot Information!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nickdiz18 Suspended! +What's Next for Him?

This blog is to confirm Nickdiz18's YouTube suspention.
Nickdiz18. Has. Been. Suspended. From. YouTube.
So, what's next for Nickdiz18? How will he keep the videos going? How will he continue the "Torn" series, when episodes 1 through 22 have been deleted off his channel.
Well, here's the answer:
He won't.
Nickdiz18 has made a suspention channel, but there has been no confirmation that he will continue his videos, on the channel. is the link to the new channel. Nickdiz18 has said that he first found out that he was suspended from YouTube, last Friday, and hasn't had the patience to make a video on his suspention channel, yet.
Inside sources say that Nickdiz18 will be requesting for YouTuber, xojollyrancher1xo to make a video saying that he was suspended, and to check out his suspention channel.
As far as Nickdiz18 knows, his main channel has been deleted for good. How does he know? Quote, "When I log into the account, it says that the account has been disabled." He then stops - and says "Disabled equals permanetly gone."
So, there is no chance that Nickdiz18 will regain his channel, which means he'll be using the suspention channel for the rest of his now-shortened time on YouTube. What? Well, Nickdiz18 has announced he will be quitting YouTube several months earlier, and his last video (posted on his suspention channel) will be posted sometime in September 2010.
Don't want Nickdiz18 to leave? It's all okay. Nickdiz18 has announced he will be part of a collab channel ( and videos for this channel will start in June 2010. Nickdiz18 has announced he will not be quitting the fiveghettokid videos, in September, and will keep going with the collab channel for however long he feels necessary. Nickdiz18 is expecting to be quitting FGK sometime in 2012, if there is no problems. He will be replaced by a not-yet announced YouTuber.
For all your first Nickdiz18 News, always check out Nickdiz18BlogSpots!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nickdiz18 Announces First Part of "TORN" Season Finale Finished!

Nickdiz18 has announced that the first part of the season 2 finale of his series, "Torn" is edited, saved, and completed. The episode is not going to be posted in the description. The episode will be in the video. Also, Nickdiz18 says that the season finale will give viewers an idea of what the Torn movie will be like, when it hits YouTube on June 30th.
Also, Nickdiz18 has made a small change to the "Torn" Series schedule. The firt part of episode 23 (the season 2 finale) will be posted on May 19th, as scheduled. However, the second part of the season finale will be posted one week later, on May 26th. Don't get it? Here's something to clear it up:
Episode 23: Part 1 - May 19th (Season 2 Finale)
Episode 23: Part 2 - May 26th (Season 2 Finale)
Torn: The Movie - June 30th
Episode 24 - August 4th (Season 3 Premiere)
Episode 25 - August 5th (Series Finale)
Nickdiz18 has said that he can't believe the series only has 3 episodes left! Even though the movie will be equal to approximentally 20 episodes, in length. Speaking of the Movie, Nickdiz18 has announced the movie script is on it's 8th page, and editing for the film will begin within this week. For more pictures, videos, updates, and more; checkout BlogSpot First for Nickdiz18, for your #1 Source of all things Nickdiz18. Guaranteed!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

BlogSpot First: Nickdiz18 Releases Video for "TORN" Season 2 Finale!

BlogSpot First: Nickdiz18 Releases New Information on "TORN" Season 2 Finale!

With only 3 episodes left of the series, Nickdiz18 has released new information on the season 2 finale.
The release date is May 19th, 2010. The 23rd episode of the series will be a 2-part episode. The episode number for season 2 is episode 11. (2x11) Both parts of the episode will be uploaded at 5/4c on Nickdiz18's channel.
After a devistating car accident, Demi is rushed to the hospital by Nick and Joe. The nurses at the hospital reveal that a shooter is loose in the hospital. The finale will come to a climax, and the gang will realize that they know almost nothing about Nick's powers.
The Torn Series will not return for approximentally 2 and a half months, after the season finale airs. (Season 3 Stars in Early August 2010)
The episode is the 11th episode of the 2nd season, and the 23rd episode of the series.
Ian Somerhalder will guest-star as Bryan for the third time. (Rumoured)
David Henrie will guest star as Dr. Fields for the first time. (Rumoured)
Demi will die in the season finale. (Rumoured)
More information on the season finale will be posted on BlogSpot, once it is released.