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Sunday, June 13, 2010

BlogSpot First: "Cyber" Information Extravaganza! + New Series on the Way!

Nickdiz18 has released new information on his upcoming series, "Cyber".
He says the series has been delayed due to plot frusturations, however it is set to premiere on July 15th, 2010. Exactly one month after the "Airplanes" finale premieres.
PLOT: This is your world. You designed it. You built it. You created it. Now, it's your job to save it.
Nickdiz18 says the series will really be pushing the envelope, and computer, science, and sci-fi fans will be excited to see the new episodes, which will be coming out every Saturday night. A trailer for the series will be available for viewing sometime within the next couple months.
However, plot frusturations isn't the only reason that the series has been delayed. Nickdiz18 has a new series on the way! A romance/adventure series!
The series is called "Finding Jenna Parker". In the story, Jenna Parker (portrayed by Miley Cyrus) goes missing. Mysteriously, the phone and internet lines have been disconnected, and the friends were on a 3-person school trip in South Africa. There's no police. No ambulance. No help. They're alone. The other 2 friends set off on a quest to find Jenna, and they fall in love during their journey. Finally, they must decide what's most important: saving their friend, or their love for each other.
"Finding Jenna Parker" starts Summer 2010.

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