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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nickdiz18 Declares "HELP" Series Cancelled! +"The Bucket List" On the Rocks?

Over many controversy, Nickdiz18 has cancelled his scheduled november-premiering series, "HELP." Quote, "My viewers were not giving any input on the plot of the series, and I do not have a co-writer, editor, or theme maker for the series. I am not going to be making any more series, by myself, because it is too much for one person to do." The "Torn" and "Bucket List" series are both solo series for Nickdiz18, and Nickdiz18 although has said he wants people to watch the Bucket List series, he has not been anticipating the series for over a week! And the series premiere is in just 6 days! Will the series be delayed - or better yet - cancelled? Keep checking out the site for info!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Official "Torn" Series Finale Promotional Picture!

Nickdiz18 has released the very official promotional picture for the "Torn" series finale, on August 5th. He used the quote "You don't have to feel safe to feel unafraid." which he has announced will be used in Torn Season 2 or Torn: The Movie. The person of quote has not yet been announced.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Download the Torn Series Calendar!

Click here to download the Torn Series Calendar:

Back-to-Back New Episodes of "Torn" +Torn Movie Update!

Nickdiz18 has announced that today (April 21st, 2010) he will be uploading 2 new episodes of his series, "Torn"!
Also, Nickdiz18 has announced that he has finished writing the 10th scene of the movie, and is now on the 6th page. 40 Pages are planned for the script of the movie, or 80 scenes.
Here is a small sneak preview of Torn: The Movie:

"Miley!" I yelled.
"Nick! What is wrong with her? What’s happening?" Macy said.

"What? Is she dying a second time?" Kevin yelled.

The full Torn movie hits YouTube on June 30th.

April 21st - 2 New Episodes (Episodes 15 and 16)
April 28th - 2 New Episodes (Episodes 17 and 18)
May 5th - 2 New Episodes (Episodes 19 and 20)
May 12th - 2 New Episodes (Episodes 21 and 22)
May 19th - 1 New Episode (Episode 23)
June 30th - Torn Movie
August 4th - 1 New Episode (Episode 24)
August 5th - 1 New Episode (Episode 25 - Series Finale)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nickdiz18 Live Presentation on April 18 @ 6:30!

Hey, guys! It's Nickdiz18! I would just like to tell you guys that I will be LIVE on Twitcam at around 6:30! Don't miss this event because I will be talking about this stuff:
-My New Series, "The Bucket List"
-Season 2 of "Torn"
-Cancellation of "All to Myself" and "La La Land Series"
-Torn: The Movie
-Trio Series, "Kiss and Tell"
+The Headlining Topic: Goodbye, YouTube?
Link to Broadcast:
Note: I will be broadcasting with my other twitter, so do not be alarmed when you see the username "FCChaiti". AND I WILL NOT BE LIVE UNTIL 6:30, so if you're waiting for the broadcast and it hasn't started yet, then please stand by or refresh the page.

Nickdiz18 Makes Trailer for xojollyrancher1xo series! +Nickdiz18 says, "Goodbye YouTube"

Nickdiz18 has created a trailer for xojollyrancher1xo's series, "A Niley/Nelena Story". The trailer premiered on Nickdiz18's channel, today at approximately 12:00. The video was soon deleted, and we are expecting for xojollyrancher1xo to upload the trailer, in the near future.
Also, Nickdiz18 has announced he is leaving YouTube! He recently posted a video, announcing that a spreading rumour that he was "quitting YouTube" was false. However, Nickdiz18 has announced he will be taking a short break from videos in July or August, of 2010. Once his short video-break is over, normal video-scheduling will resume. However, in Early 2011, Nickdiz18 will post a video - his last video - saying goodbye.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Save the "TORN" Series!

Nickdiz18 is announcing that he will be releasing a "Save the TORN Series" Video, so he can make sure that there will be views on the movie and season 2 episodes! New Episodes RETURN on April 17th, 2010!

Nickdiz18 Announces 1st Chapter of Torn Movie Written!

Nickdiz18 says, quote, "I have finished the first chapter, and first 6 scenes (writing-process) of the film. The so-far script is not a rough-sketch, and all lines will be put into the YouTube film, this June."
We're wondering one thing: how is Nickdiz18 going to write, create, produce, and edit a film in less than 3 months? Nickdiz18 also said that he has just started writing the movie, and he is only on the third page, when an expected 40 pages will be released into the movie.
Nickdiz18 does not want to give any sneak previews of the movie, however he will be releasing 5-20 second clips of the film, on his main channel.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nickdiz18 Releases "Torn" Movie Logo +Two Promo Pics!

To promote the upcoming June release of the YouTube movie, "Torn: The Movie," Nickdiz18 has finally released the Torn Movie logo, and 2 matching promotional pictures for the premiere date and the sneak preview release date. Check them out!

Nickdiz18 Launches Torn: The Movie Preview Request

Today, at approximentally 5:00, Nickdiz18 will be launching a Torn: The Movie 5 Minute Preview Request. The first 5 people to comment on the video will be sent a Torn: The Movie 5 Minute Clip on YouTube. The video also features the premiere for the brand new opening for the upcoming movie. The 5 Minute Preview will be sent to the five people, within 24 hours of commentation. Please go to and look for the video. The video is approximentally 30-45 seconds long.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The following is a must read post.
Updates on the following subjects will be announced, during this post:
-The Bucket List Premiere Comes Early!
-Torn Series Goes From 4 Seasons to 2 Seasons
-All to Myself Finale Release Date
-Kiss and Tell Trio Series Premiere Release Date
-The Help Series: Cancelled?
The All to Myself Series was announced cancelled, several months ago. The series finale will be released on October 31st, 2010.
The Kiss and Tell Trio (3 Episodes) was earlier announced as cancelled, but Nickdiz18 has now re-newed the series. The series premiere is on January 1st, 2011.
The Help Series has been unnoficially announced as cancelled. No evidence from Nickdiz18 has yet been announced on wether the tabloid is true.
Additional Info: The "Torn" Movie will still be released on it's original date, June 30th. The season 2 premiere for the series was delayed several times, but the final release date is Wednesday, April 14th, 2010.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Nickdiz18 Announces Technical Problems with "Bucket List" Trailer!

Nickdiz18 has released the following information on his upcoming trailer for his new series, "The Bucket List".
Quote, "I am having some technical problems with my Windows Movie Maker. I go to save the video, the video begins to save, and a notice pops up saying the following: 'This project contains source files that are missing or that have been modified after import. Your project cannot be saved as a movie until the files have been located or deleted from the project.' If anyone knows what this means, then please contact me on YouTube, so I can release the trailer. Thank you."

Sunday, April 11, 2010

"The Bucket List" Promotional Picture Released!

"The Bucket List" Promotional Picture has been released! Here at Blogspot, we think that this has to be one of the best promos that Nickdiz18 has ever released! It shows exactly what we all need to know: Who, What, and When! We think that Nickdiz18 chose a perfect couple to star in the series, and their personalities will perfectly match the characters in the Bucket List Story! Nickdiz18 says that this is his most anticipated series, ever! Even more then his hit "Torn" series! If you would like to be a co-writer for the series, then message Nickdiz18 on YouTube!

"The Bucket List" Series Plot Announced!

Nickdiz18 has announced a large variety of plot details for his upcoming YouTube Series, "The Bucket List." He says that the series will be a Jemi [Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato] Story! Joe and Demi are both diagnosed with a 50% Fatal Cancer, and they decide to write a Bucket List so they can accomplish exactly 20 things, before they die. Things on the list include sky-diving, crazy-spraying the CN Tower, and much more. However, during the journey, Joe and Demi fall in love, and have to deal with the loss of each other. Also, a release date for the series has also been announced! The series will start on June 1st, 2010 and will end on June 20th, 2010. [One episode per day]. Nickdiz18 says the series has already been started, writing-wise, and a promo/trailer for the series will be uploaded on YouTube once Nickdiz18 gets his Windows Movie Maker and VDownloader figured out, because lately there have been problems with the paging and downloading formats. Promo coming soon!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Torn" Aftershock Series Announcement + "HELP" Series Cancelled?

Nickdiz18 has announced that there will be a one-season "Torn" aftershock series, entitled "Healing." The series will start in December of 2010! No other information has been released, but we will keep you updated!
Also, Nickdiz18 has announced that his "HELP" series may be cancelled, because he is going to have a brand new series called, "Bucket List" starting very soon! Nickdiz18 says that his new series will be a farely short series, consisting of 2 seasons, each 10 episodes long, with a total of 20 episodes. He says that the series premiere date hasn't been announced, but he is expecting for it to be sometime during his final preparation break for the "Torn" series, in May and June.
Nickdiz18 says a promotional picture for Bucket List will be released soon on this very website, so keep looking back, and the estimated release date is April 11, 2010 or April 12, 2010, because the series needs to be promoted within the time-limit of 1 month. Plot details, etc. coming soon! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

"TORN" Aftershock series in the making?

Nickdiz18 has been very off with the dates of premieres. For example, at 9:00 last night he announced that the TORN Season 2 Premiere will be delayed to April 3rd, 2010. Also, it seems that Nickdiz18 may be having some plot issues with his new series, "HELP." so perhaps he will make a spin-off series of "Torn", in order to have anough time to prepare for Help. He says the "Torn" episode will be done and uploaded to YouTube, by noon, today.
Nickdiz18 may be making a 1-season series as an aftershock spin-off series for "Torn", some time in 2011. Also, Nickdiz18 has announced that he hasn't even started writing the HELP series, and he is still getting his viewers to debate the plot. No plot has yet been decided, nor have any viewers, whatsoever contributed to the plot decision. Nickdiz18 now has a video on his channel called "NEW SERIES, "HELP." // PLOT DETAILS". He is encouraging everyone to go watch the video, vote for a plot in the comment box, and if the viewers would like, they could help with the HELP series. Nickdiz18 needs a co-writer, editor, and theme-creator for the series. The jobs have not yet been filled, so go check it out.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Nickdiz18 has released additional information on his upcoming YouTube series, "HELP".

In late March, Nickdiz18 released the promotional photo for the series. He said that he wanted to keep the series "as confidential as possible". The promotional picture to the left was released, and because of the lack of details, nickdiz18followers could not determine anything about the series. Nickdiz18 has released a very small amount of details. The "HELP" series will be put onto a poll on his videos. 2 plots will be put up, and viewers will be able to comment on which plot they want, most. Also, viewers will be able to contribute with the making of the series. The spots of co-writer, editor, and theme-creator will be open for the series.
Co-wrier will help Nickdiz18 write the series.
Editor will be sent the episode script on YouTube, and will make the video for the episode.
Theme-creator will create a theme opening for the series. Skilled Video editors wanted. (eg. Sony Vegas) Additional plot details will be released, once the plot is determined.


At 9:00 on April 2nd, 2010, Nickdiz18 announced that the second season for his hit YouTube series, "Torn" will be delayed. The new premiere for the season has not yet been determined, but we expect the episode to be out on April 3rd or the Wednesday, after that.


If someone woke up around 10:00 AM, today, and went to look at Nickdiz18's channel, they would've noticed that yet again, the background changed. We have not been seeing any patterns with the Nickdiz18 Promo Base Pictures. The same photo for the season 2 premiere promo, was used for the series finale promo. Does this mean that Nickdiz18 doesn't want to put much effort into the series? We asked him this question. "It's been like Torn-mania, lately. With the trailers, music videos, promos, marathons... this isn't exactly what I had planned for my series. So, I think we may have to switch up the schedule, a bit because I've been really busy with promoting everything for the series, and it's all too much work for one person. Don't worry, though. Episodes will still be launching on Wednesdays, because that is what I planned for the series." -Nickdiz18
So, Nickdiz18 has announced that he is taking a very-well deserved mini break. He won't be uploading bonus episodes, anymore, because he wants to 'stick to the schedule'. If you have not seen the schedule for the torn franchise, this Nickdiz18's plan:

Season 1 Finale! [April 1st]
Season 2 Launch [April 8th]
Episodes stop for movie preparing [Mid-May]
TORN: THE MOVIE [June 30th]
Season 2 Episodes Return! [July 7th]
Season 2 Finale! [July 21st]
Season 3 Premiere [July 28th]
Season 3 episodes will air, during this time. No other events are planned, for the month of August.
Season 3 Finale! [September 22nd]
Torn: The Movie Sequel [October 20th]
Season 4 (Final Season) Premiere! [October 27th]
Series Finale (Season 4) on November 24th!
A more advanced version of the schedule will be released, once it is created.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


The Torn Season Finale has now been uploaded on YouTube! You can watch the video above, and read the episode in the YouTube Description for the video, at:


Nickdiz18 is keeping it short and - definetly - "sweet" with his newest promotional picture. He announced back in February that the second season for his hit YouTube series, "Torn" will be premiering on his channel on April 2nd, 2010. He says, quote, "Because the season 1 finale is on April 1st, I knew that people would be excited for the next episode, and would not want to wait for an entire week. Therefor, I am uploading the season premiere on a Friday, and the Torn Season 2 Broadcasting will go back to Wednesdays, for the next episode." Well, we can't wait to see what you've done this time with the Torn series!


Episode 12 is written and is uploading on the YouTube channel as I type, but because we know you guys can't wait, we're giving you a sneak preview of the FINAL episode, for Torn's 1st season:

I smelt something horrifying. Rotting – body waste.
"Oh, God! You’re SITTING on these floors?" I said – staring at the moldy, dirty floors.
"I’ve been here for hours – avoiding the mold. This spot is clear of the mold." He said – gasping. "Try not to breathe the mold. It might be poisonous."
I helped him up, and led him out the bathroom door.
"Why have you been waiting here? How’d you know I was going to come?"
"I didn’t. I tried finding a door – but it was too dark. I couldn’t see anything." Nick said.
"I don’t get it – this place used to be so colorful and clean. Why was it just abandoned?" I said.
"I don’t know. Maybe it has something to do with her." He said.

"Precisely." I heard, but it wasn’t from me or Nick.

That's all you guys are getting, for now! TORN SEASON 2 EPISODE 1 is being uploaded on April 2nd, 2010! [Friday]


Nope, the "Torn" series finale on April 1st, 2010 is NOT a joke! The episode will be posted by 4:30 PM Eastern Toronto Time TODAY! However, nickdiz18 has released some other information on the plot detail for the YouTube hit's first season finale! Quote, "I do not want to give any important details away. However, I will tell you that if you've been waiting for something to happen with the series, it's going to happen in episode 12." That MUST be true, because nickdiz18 has announced that he is extending the 1st season's 12th episode will be split into 2 parts, due to the length being too long for one description! Also, blogger is proud to announce that they will be posting their first TORN episode, on the page, today! You will be able to read the episode on "Blogger" before it is uploaded on YouTube!