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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nickdiz18 Live Presentation on April 18 @ 6:30!

Hey, guys! It's Nickdiz18! I would just like to tell you guys that I will be LIVE on Twitcam at around 6:30! Don't miss this event because I will be talking about this stuff:
-My New Series, "The Bucket List"
-Season 2 of "Torn"
-Cancellation of "All to Myself" and "La La Land Series"
-Torn: The Movie
-Trio Series, "Kiss and Tell"
+The Headlining Topic: Goodbye, YouTube?
Link to Broadcast:
Note: I will be broadcasting with my other twitter, so do not be alarmed when you see the username "FCChaiti". AND I WILL NOT BE LIVE UNTIL 6:30, so if you're waiting for the broadcast and it hasn't started yet, then please stand by or refresh the page.

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