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Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Airplanes" Episode 77 & 78

Airplanes / Chapter 77
(Season 6, Episode 4)
Episode Title: Must Come Down
Genevieve's POV
Things were quiet.
Joe and Olivia weren't talking to me.
I sat in the back of the car. Joe was driving, Olivia was in the Passenger's seat, looking at a map.
Joe and Olivia had ordered me to try to rest, but I had just been asleep.
I slept through my death, and their death. I slept through a dream. A nightmare.
Was it just a nightmare, or was it a sign? Was it all going to happen?
I knew they didn't believe me. They didn't believe that the dream meant something.
"You think I'm lying, don't you?" I asked.
Joe and Olivia remained silent, not giving me any kind of response. Staying quit, lips sealed.
"I just don't understand why you would think that," I started.
"Genevieve," Olivia started, hesitantly, "Please, just sleep. You need rest."
I didn't understand how this all could have happened.
One minute, my friends are killed, and the next - they're alive, and so am I.
"I was brave, you know." I said, mostly to myself, "I stayed strong through all of it."
I knew they were ignoring me, so I stopped.
But I was strong. I could've woken up from the nightmare at any time, but I didn't. I kept fighting.
And even when I was killed in my dream, I kept fighting. It was my friends' death that made me quit.
I would fight, until the very end.

Airplanes / Chapter 78
(Season 6, Episode 5)
Episode Title: Joe's Story
Olivia's POV
Joe and I sat in the front of the car, waiting for Genevieve to be asleep.
"Is she asleep, yet?" Joe asked.
I turned around, slowly, hesitantly, to see Genevieve, lying on the seats, sleeping.
"Yes," I replied, "I have something to ask you."
"No, I need to ask you something. I've been wanting to ask you this, ever since I met you."
Joe turned to me, "What is it?"
I took a deep breath, "Your parents were killed when you were just a little baby."
"Yes," Joe said, "So what's your question?"
I hesitated, "You never... you never told me how they died."
Everything was silent, until Joe sighed.
"You don't have to tell me, I get it. It's fine, I just-"
"No," Joe said, "I've hidden this for long enough. You're right. I do need to tell you."
I turned to Joe, and he focused on the road.
"One night, when I was a few months old, my parents put me to bed in my room, pretty late at night. We had just gone to the movies,"
Joe stopped for a moment, arranging his thoughts in his head.
"Neither of my parents had noticed that there had been someone in a car right outside from our house," he continued.
"And in the middle of the night, when we were all asleep..." Joe's voice cracked, he stopped for a moment but pushed himself to finish.
"They climbed in a basement window that my parents had forgotten to lock, and they took a knife from my kitchen,"
Joe stopped, trying to collect his thoughts, and trying to stop himself from outbreaking in tears.
I grabbed onto his hand.
"And he came upstairs, and he stabbed my parents while they were sleeping."
"I'm so sorry,"
"Don't be, it wasn't your fault."
"It wasn't your's either. You were just a baby, you couldn't have saved them." I said.
"I know," Joe said, "I just wish that I could have saved them. I wish I could have done something."
There was a moment of silence between us.
"So, who found the bodies?"
"My parents hadn't shown up to work, and they weren't answering the phone. My aunt called the police after a few days, and they found the bodies."
"So you were just alone in your house for days? No food or anything?"
"It had been two or three days, I think."
"That's terrible," Olivia said, "I'm so sorry."
Just as we finished our conversation, Genevieve awoke.
"I had another dream," she said, panically.
"Genevieve, just stop. Please,"
"No, Olivia. You don't understand. We can't go back to Florida."
Joe sighed, and pulled over. We were now on a small dirt road in the middle of two cornfields.
"I'm sorry, Genevieve. But, you're obviously not committed enough - or sane enough, to do this."
I looked at Joe, "What are you doing, Joe?"
Joe stepped out of the car, and opened the back door. Genevieve looked up at him, suspiciously.
"Genevieve, I'm so sorry. But, we need to have complete focus on this, and I just think it'd be best if we - went our seperate ways."
"What?" Genevieve said, "I knew it, you don't think I'm telling the truth."
"It's not that I think you're lying, because I know that you're trying to help, but you've done enough. Please,"
Joe waved his hand out of the car.
"No," Genevieve said, hesitantly, "I'm not leaving. You can't make me."
I watched in guilt as I watched Joe wrestle Genevieve out of the car.
And I watched as we drove away from Genevieve, leaving her in the distance.

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Episode 79 - October 19, 2012
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