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Monday, January 31, 2011

'Airplanes' OFFICIALLY CANCELLED! + 'Airplanes' Remake/Prequel Series!

Navystardust12 has just announced the official cancellation of his series, Airplanes. The current and fifth season will run until it's scheduled finale this March. Airplanes: The Movie has been dropped, and will be replaced by a sixth season of the show, which will begin in April 2011. This setback will allow the series finale to air on June 31st, 2011, which will be the 1-Year-Anniversary of the show's premiere.

The following is a new episode guide for the series:

Season 5;
Episode 61 - January 5th, 2011
Episode 62 - January 13th, 2011
Episode 63 - January 19th, 2011
Episode 64 - January 31st, 2011
Episode 65 - February 31st, 2011
Episode 66 - February 9th, 2011
Episode 67 - February 16th, 2011
Episode 68 - February 23rd, 2011
Episode 69 - March 2nd, 2011
Episode 70 - March 9th, 2011 (Season Final)

Season 6;
Episode 71 - April 6th, 2011 (Season Premiere)
Episode 72 - April 13th, 2011
Episode 73 - April 20th, 2011
Episode 74- May 4th, 2011
Episode 75 - May 11th, 2011
Episode 76 - May 25th, 2011
Episode 77 - June 8th, 2011
Episode 78 - June 15th, 2011
Episode 79 - June 22nd, 2011
Episode 80 - June 30th, 2011 (Season/Series Final)

Although navystardust12 will be dissapointed to cancel the series, he says:
"It just feels right. Having the show end on the anniversary of it's premiere was something I wanted to do from the beginning. I've lost my inspiration, [the show] is dead."

A Remake/Prequel series, which is currently untitled will debut in Fall 2011.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Is Navystardust12 Running Out of Ideas?

With all of the series premiered in 2010, navystardust12 has only given us a few series to work with, this year. The veteran series, Airplanes is now on it's fifth season, and navystardust12 says, "I just want it to be done," because he has lost interest in the series, which may be the reason why episode releases have been lagging for the past few weeks.
He has said that he is having trouble writing several of his series, so is he coming done with a case of writer's block?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

'The Diary' Premieres Tomorrow!

According to navystardust12:
"I am so close to finishing. I only have 2 scenes to finish up and I'll be done, so the first episode will be uploaded tomorrow or Friday. But, yes it'll be uploaded within the next 2 days, definetly. There's no doubt in my mind."
When navystardust12 first announced this series in August 2010, we got so excited! And here we are, nearly six months later, in January 2011 and it still hasn't been uploaded. According to navystardust12, the script for the first episode was finished in early January 2010, and the lines were sent in around December 11th, 2011.
"It's my first time doing anything involving voice overs so it's taking a while but I'm working on it."
After so many months, we're just excited to finally see how it's going to lay out, and we don't think we're the only ones!
If you're just learning about this series, the plot is about 2 best friends, Hailey Ford and Kat Breslau. When Hailey accidentally kills Kat, she's thrown into a pool of guilt, and try to keep her secret a secret, while trying to explain the truth to her perished friend.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Series, "The Deadline Prophecies" Announced!

Although navystardust12 has been kind of absent for the past few weeks, he has made time to plan an upcoming series entitled 'The Deadline Prophecies' which will follow a screenplay writer, Ana who returns home to her mother's house to finish writing her screenplay. When Ana's mother is mysteriously discovered dead, everyone believes she committed suicide, except for Ana, who knows that there is more to the death then suicide, and Ana is quickly thrown into a mystery.
The series will be released in a filmized-appearance (similar to 'The Amelia Project') and will premiere "within the next few days" according to navystardust12.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Series!

'11:11' will premiere this February 2011. It will be a similar story to navystardust12's upcoming, 'The Secret Hour'.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Navystardust12 Takes It 'Easier'!

The following quote depicts navystardust12's future:
"I've decided to have this year be a little slower, as I am spending WAY too much time on YouTube. I need to find a way to get back to who I used to be, and find some entertainment in my life, that doesn't involve YouTube."
Although it may sound as if navystardust12 has gone crazy, we now have logic for this.
"I've just gotten really bored and I want to make my life a little more fun, and spend less time on YouTube."
This basically means there'll only be 2-5 videos each week, instead of the old video-almost-every-day channel that was done in 2010.

'The Diary' Revamped Opening Revealed!

Although navystardust12 is on break, he has made time to develop a revamped intro for his upcoming series, 'The Diary'. The new intro will not be shown on YouTube until January 27th, it's scheduled premiere, however we have it right here for you to watch.
The intro features 'Robot' by Miley Cyrus.

It is unknown wether or not the intro will be sped up as a final cut in the series, as the intro was slowed down during the revamping. The audio may also be revamped during the final cut.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

'The Diary' Soundtrack Announced!

Navystardust12's first ever voice over series, The Diary is set to premiere on January 27th, 2011.
The following is a track listing for the soundtrack.
(Note: More songs for the soundtrack will be added as they are announced)

1. Robot (Miley Cyrus)
2. Change of Seasons (Miley Cyrus)
3. Animal (Neon Trees)
4. Back to December (Taylor Swift)
5. Who's That Chick? (David Guetta ft. Rihanna)
6. Jar of Hearts (Christina Perri))

The first season will consist of 6-7 episodes.

'The Amelia Project' Season 2! +Navystardust12 Quits!?

It has just been announced that 'The Amelia Project' has been picked up for a second season, which will begin in August or September 2011. The first and current season will likely wrap up in April or May 2011. It has been confirmed there will be 10 episodes in the first season and 13 episodes in the second season.
This morning, navystardust12 announced that he would be taking it "easier" for the next few weeks on YouTube, because he is having some self-involved problems that are keeping him from being "free". When asked more, he said...
"I feel I've been spending too much time on YouTube and other things in the past while, and I'm having some problems with trying to make my life fun and worth-living for, because I've been so busy with YouTube." he explained.
He would like to clarify that he is not quitting, but he is going to be taking it easier. 'Airplanes' episodes will be uploaded as scheduled. The following projects will be effected by this resting:
Winter Wonderland
The Amelia Project
Meet Me Halfway
The Airplanes Movie
While navystardust12 tries to discover what life has to offer, we'll be posting any announcements, so make sure to check back daily for the latest reports!

Monday, January 3, 2011

'Airplanes' Series Outline Complete! + "I'm Bored."

Navystardust12 has just announced that the series outline for every episode of 'Airplanes' is now complete, as of mid-December 2010. Now that the outline is complete, navystardust12 is "bored" and wants to continue to the series, giving an oppurtunity for an additional season to come into place.
"I finished the series' outline with a subject where a new plot could be made." Navystardust12 says on the outline for the series, "I'm kind of thinking about an additional season."
Navystardust12 hasn't confirmed anything, and right now he feels that he doesn't want to end the series so soon.
More information will become available on this topic as it becomes available.