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Friday, March 29, 2013

EXPLOSIONS to premiere May 1

Navystardust12's new voice over series 'Explosions' will premiere on May 1. He will spend the majority of April writing and editing the first season and selecting the voice actors for the series. Auditions close April 10.

Episode air dates:

Episode 1 - TBA - May 1, 2013
Episode 2 - TBA - May 15, 2013
Episode 3 - TBA - May 29, 2013
Episode 4 - TBA - June 12, 2013
Episode 5 - TBA - June 26, 2013
Episode 6 - TBA - July 3, 2013

If a second season were to take place, it would begin production in September for an October premiere.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Series "Explosions" to premiere late March

Navystardust12 announced today that his 17-month indefinite hiatus from Youtube will end later this month. A new series, entitled Explosions entered production last month, and will see a format rarely used for Youtube series; the show will use clips of actors from movies and TV shows similar to a voice over, however instead of using voice actors, subtitles will be place at the bottom of the screen in order to portray the story.

The intro/opening credits will premiere on his Youtube channel on March 4, while the first episode will premiere on March 18. The first season will contain 6 episodes and will run through May 27. A second season renewal announcement would come in mid-May if the first season was successful enough to warrant a second season.