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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

'The Diary' Premieres Tomorrow!

According to navystardust12:
"I am so close to finishing. I only have 2 scenes to finish up and I'll be done, so the first episode will be uploaded tomorrow or Friday. But, yes it'll be uploaded within the next 2 days, definetly. There's no doubt in my mind."
When navystardust12 first announced this series in August 2010, we got so excited! And here we are, nearly six months later, in January 2011 and it still hasn't been uploaded. According to navystardust12, the script for the first episode was finished in early January 2010, and the lines were sent in around December 11th, 2011.
"It's my first time doing anything involving voice overs so it's taking a while but I'm working on it."
After so many months, we're just excited to finally see how it's going to lay out, and we don't think we're the only ones!
If you're just learning about this series, the plot is about 2 best friends, Hailey Ford and Kat Breslau. When Hailey accidentally kills Kat, she's thrown into a pool of guilt, and try to keep her secret a secret, while trying to explain the truth to her perished friend.


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