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Monday, January 3, 2011

'Airplanes' Series Outline Complete! + "I'm Bored."

Navystardust12 has just announced that the series outline for every episode of 'Airplanes' is now complete, as of mid-December 2010. Now that the outline is complete, navystardust12 is "bored" and wants to continue to the series, giving an oppurtunity for an additional season to come into place.
"I finished the series' outline with a subject where a new plot could be made." Navystardust12 says on the outline for the series, "I'm kind of thinking about an additional season."
Navystardust12 hasn't confirmed anything, and right now he feels that he doesn't want to end the series so soon.
More information will become available on this topic as it becomes available.

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