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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nickdiz18 Declares "HELP" Series Cancelled! +"The Bucket List" On the Rocks?

Over many controversy, Nickdiz18 has cancelled his scheduled november-premiering series, "HELP." Quote, "My viewers were not giving any input on the plot of the series, and I do not have a co-writer, editor, or theme maker for the series. I am not going to be making any more series, by myself, because it is too much for one person to do." The "Torn" and "Bucket List" series are both solo series for Nickdiz18, and Nickdiz18 although has said he wants people to watch the Bucket List series, he has not been anticipating the series for over a week! And the series premiere is in just 6 days! Will the series be delayed - or better yet - cancelled? Keep checking out the site for info!

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