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Saturday, April 3, 2010

"TORN" Aftershock series in the making?

Nickdiz18 has been very off with the dates of premieres. For example, at 9:00 last night he announced that the TORN Season 2 Premiere will be delayed to April 3rd, 2010. Also, it seems that Nickdiz18 may be having some plot issues with his new series, "HELP." so perhaps he will make a spin-off series of "Torn", in order to have anough time to prepare for Help. He says the "Torn" episode will be done and uploaded to YouTube, by noon, today.
Nickdiz18 may be making a 1-season series as an aftershock spin-off series for "Torn", some time in 2011. Also, Nickdiz18 has announced that he hasn't even started writing the HELP series, and he is still getting his viewers to debate the plot. No plot has yet been decided, nor have any viewers, whatsoever contributed to the plot decision. Nickdiz18 now has a video on his channel called "NEW SERIES, "HELP." // PLOT DETAILS". He is encouraging everyone to go watch the video, vote for a plot in the comment box, and if the viewers would like, they could help with the HELP series. Nickdiz18 needs a co-writer, editor, and theme-creator for the series. The jobs have not yet been filled, so go check it out.

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