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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nickdiz18 Makes Trailer for xojollyrancher1xo series! +Nickdiz18 says, "Goodbye YouTube"

Nickdiz18 has created a trailer for xojollyrancher1xo's series, "A Niley/Nelena Story". The trailer premiered on Nickdiz18's channel, today at approximately 12:00. The video was soon deleted, and we are expecting for xojollyrancher1xo to upload the trailer, in the near future.
Also, Nickdiz18 has announced he is leaving YouTube! He recently posted a video, announcing that a spreading rumour that he was "quitting YouTube" was false. However, Nickdiz18 has announced he will be taking a short break from videos in July or August, of 2010. Once his short video-break is over, normal video-scheduling will resume. However, in Early 2011, Nickdiz18 will post a video - his last video - saying goodbye.

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