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Friday, April 2, 2010


If someone woke up around 10:00 AM, today, and went to look at Nickdiz18's channel, they would've noticed that yet again, the background changed. We have not been seeing any patterns with the Nickdiz18 Promo Base Pictures. The same photo for the season 2 premiere promo, was used for the series finale promo. Does this mean that Nickdiz18 doesn't want to put much effort into the series? We asked him this question. "It's been like Torn-mania, lately. With the trailers, music videos, promos, marathons... this isn't exactly what I had planned for my series. So, I think we may have to switch up the schedule, a bit because I've been really busy with promoting everything for the series, and it's all too much work for one person. Don't worry, though. Episodes will still be launching on Wednesdays, because that is what I planned for the series." -Nickdiz18
So, Nickdiz18 has announced that he is taking a very-well deserved mini break. He won't be uploading bonus episodes, anymore, because he wants to 'stick to the schedule'. If you have not seen the schedule for the torn franchise, this Nickdiz18's plan:

Season 1 Finale! [April 1st]
Season 2 Launch [April 8th]
Episodes stop for movie preparing [Mid-May]
TORN: THE MOVIE [June 30th]
Season 2 Episodes Return! [July 7th]
Season 2 Finale! [July 21st]
Season 3 Premiere [July 28th]
Season 3 episodes will air, during this time. No other events are planned, for the month of August.
Season 3 Finale! [September 22nd]
Torn: The Movie Sequel [October 20th]
Season 4 (Final Season) Premiere! [October 27th]
Series Finale (Season 4) on November 24th!
A more advanced version of the schedule will be released, once it is created.

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