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Friday, April 16, 2010

Nickdiz18 Announces 1st Chapter of Torn Movie Written!

Nickdiz18 says, quote, "I have finished the first chapter, and first 6 scenes (writing-process) of the film. The so-far script is not a rough-sketch, and all lines will be put into the YouTube film, this June."
We're wondering one thing: how is Nickdiz18 going to write, create, produce, and edit a film in less than 3 months? Nickdiz18 also said that he has just started writing the movie, and he is only on the third page, when an expected 40 pages will be released into the movie.
Nickdiz18 does not want to give any sneak previews of the movie, however he will be releasing 5-20 second clips of the film, on his main channel.

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