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Friday, April 2, 2010


Nickdiz18 has released additional information on his upcoming YouTube series, "HELP".

In late March, Nickdiz18 released the promotional photo for the series. He said that he wanted to keep the series "as confidential as possible". The promotional picture to the left was released, and because of the lack of details, nickdiz18followers could not determine anything about the series. Nickdiz18 has released a very small amount of details. The "HELP" series will be put onto a poll on his videos. 2 plots will be put up, and viewers will be able to comment on which plot they want, most. Also, viewers will be able to contribute with the making of the series. The spots of co-writer, editor, and theme-creator will be open for the series.
Co-wrier will help Nickdiz18 write the series.
Editor will be sent the episode script on YouTube, and will make the video for the episode.
Theme-creator will create a theme opening for the series. Skilled Video editors wanted. (eg. Sony Vegas) Additional plot details will be released, once the plot is determined.

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