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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BlogSpot First: Airplanes Season 1 & 2 Plot Details Announced!

With only one week until the premiere of "Airplanes," Nickdiz18 (Navystardust12) has released new details on the plot.
First of all, Genevieve's (Demi Lovato) dad dies unexpectedly, and Genevieve "Jen" Hailus and her mother must move to a small town in New Jersey to take part in a shelter program for those who can't afford to stay in their house.
When Demi meets a boy (Joe Jonas) unexpectedly during a tour of the shelter, she immediately becomes friends with him, and falls in love with him.
The owner of the shelter seems kind but Genevieve finds him watching her, very often. Joe and Genevieve get suspicious of the owner, and begin watching him. After weeks of watching, they see him dragging what appears to be a full body-bag into his house, beside the shelter. Jen and Joe immediately come up with a plan to investigate the body bag, and Genevieve (Jen) gets caught. The owner forces Genevieve to stay and explain to him why she was found in his house without permission.
Well, that is the plot for season 1 and 2 of 5. Be sure to catch the premiere of the first 3 episodes, on June 30th. (Airplanes: A World Premiere Event).

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