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Friday, June 25, 2010

BlogSpot First: Nickdiz18 Collab Channel #3?

Nickdiz18 (now navystardust12) already has 2 collab channels. One, fiveghettokids, a comedy VLog collab channel, where the first set of videos are set to be released sometime in later June or July. Two, freecommunitychannel, a channel for a non-profit organization that supports topics such as the Haiti earthquake. But Navystardust12 has not yet created a certain-type of collab channel: A multifandom collab channel. Well, now he has.
The channel has not yet been created, and the username has not yet been determined, however Navystardust12 will be posting a video, requesting at least four feedbacks. Users will need to comment on the video, and once the four people (plus Navystardust12) determine a username, the channel will be put into fruition, and the first collaboration will be posted.

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