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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Finding Jenna Parker" 2-Day Marathon October 2-3

Rumors are speculating about what the series finale of "Finding Jenna Parker" may have in stores for us, and if we're ever going to see the 4th episode premiere. Well, navystardust12 has just announced there's only 6 episodes left of the series, even though only 4 have premiered. New episodes were set to premiere every Sunday after the premiere on July 15th, therefore leading the 15-episode series to finish in October during the 2 year anniversary of nickdiz18, but now there's gonna be a change in things:
The fourth and fifth episodes are going to premiere sometime this September, but their isn't 6 more sundays left before the 2 year anniversary event (beginning on October 4th) so there's a new plan:
Episode 4 - September 19th
Episode 5 - September 26th
Episode 6 - October 2nd (Marathon Part 1)
Episode 7 - October 2nd (Marathon Part 1)
Episode 8 - October 3rd (Marathon Part 2)
Episode 9 - October 3rd (Marathon Part 2)
Episode 10 - 2 Year Anniversary Event (Series Finale)

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