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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Navystardust12 Comments on Third Season: "Yes." +"Torn: The Movie" Script to Finally be Released!

Navystardust12 has released 2 promos for his upcoming october 2nd-beginning second season, so far but he's now commented on a third season (to begin in February) He has said "Yes, I have planned on doing at least five seasons and I am expecting to do a third season, but I always say to comment on the future when you're positive it can happen. February is a long time from now, but I've already planned SEVERAL new series to begin in 2011-2013, so not creating a third season would be completely trashing those series ideas."
Plus, navystardust12 who is set to premiere the third season of his hit Nickdiz18 Original series, "Torn" on October 10th as part of nickdiz18's 2 year anniversary, and to start off the second navystardust12 series, and it was recently confirmed the plot for the cancelled film, "Torn: The Movie" (which was originally supposed to premiere on June 30th but was cancelled because of Nickdiz18 YouTube suspension, and 'Airplanes' replaced the June 30th date) would be switched to a YouTube series format, to supply as the show's third season. The only thing that will be different about the movie-to-series plot is that the season 3 premiere will not consist of the first part of the movie script, but will rather consist of the original season 2 plot, which was not uploaded because of the Nickdiz18 youtube cancellation.
In other news, Navystardust12 was set to do an early premiere of "Trapped" tomorrow on the iCandy writing collab channel, but will now be delayed to a 25th premiere, letting his other series "Coverup" take the september 15th premiere slot. Also, navystardust12 has announced a september event to start tomorrow (September 8th, Wednesday) consisting of 4 episodes of a short series called, "Wake Me Up When September Ends". The show was supposed to be a "surprise" but we leaked it! But shhh! Navystardust12 is not announcing it on his channel until the premiere tomorrow, so don't tell!

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