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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Navystardust12 on 2013 Cancellation: "It's a possibility."

Navystardust12 commented on cancelling his YouTube channel in 3 years...
"I think that it would be in best interest for me to resign in 2013, but I have already planned about 10 more series for the channel, and I really want to continue to put those ideas into action, so if I do quit in 2013, I want to make sure I've tried out everything I wanted to. But yes, it's a possibility. I'm not saying that it's positive, but anything can happen. I might be dead in 2013, you never know. I think it's best to comment on the future in the future."
So if he does quit in 2013, what's your view on it all? Leave a comment.

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