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Monday, September 27, 2010

Navystardust12 Announces New Fall 2010 Series!

So far, navystardust12 has released 2 fall series!
1) 'Impossible' (premiered Sept. 21)
2) 'Trapped' (premiered Sept. 23)
3) 'Coverup' (premieres Sept. 28)
4) 'Torn' (premieres Oct. 10)
5) 'Quotes on Death' (premieres Oct. 31)
But now, a 6th series has just been announced!
Navystardust12 has announced a prequel series to his YouTube series, 'Airplanes'. This new series will be entitled 'Wake' and will tell the story of before Genevieve crashed in the plane. It will tell the story of the girl that George Harvey killed a year before Genevieve arrived at the shelter.
The series has been picked up for a pilot episode, so far but it's been announced that if the series gets picked up, it will be for a 19-episode first season.
The series will premiere on October 5th, 2010 right after navystardust12 releases the 2 Year Anniversary opening video.

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