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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Navystardust12 to cancel 'Airplanes'? +Navystardust12 Clears Up Rumors on Airplanes: The Movie!

After many speculation on why navystardust12 has not yet renewed his YouTube show, 'Airplanes' for a third season, now that the show's second season has released 9 episodes so far, navystardust12 is answering the order for a third season.
Quote, "I will be creating a third season for 'Airplanes'. If all goes through, the third season will be premiering on November 3rd, 2010."
We were pretty sure that navystardust12 was going to be renewing the show, after releasing a promotional picture for the unnofficial third season.
Also, navystardust12 has shook things up yet again! 'Airplanes' was first ordered to have 50 seasons and 1000 episodes, and it was announced that the show would instead have 5 seasons and 75 episodes in June, but things have changed up.
Navystardust12 hopes to renew the show for a sixth and seventh season in February, when the series finale was originally scheduled to air. The 6th and 7th installments are unofficial at this time, but navystardust12 will likely be sticking to the plan.
Just recently, rumors broke out about an 'Airplanes' YouTube featured film to finish either the second season or the fifth season (the entire series) however navystardust12 has not even commented on his feeling for a movie, but now he's made it almost-official. If the show goes to have at least 5 seasons, then he will premiere a film after the fifth season/series finale OR the seventh season/series finale, entitled 'Airplanes 360'. The film will support navystardust12's plan to have 8 seasons, having the film technically being used as an 8th season, but will be more like a spin-off movie. Yesterday, navystardust12 only released 1 episode of 'Airplanes' but he will be releasing the following 2 episodes tonight.

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