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Monday, December 27, 2010

'Airplanes' Film Details!

More information on the upcoming 'Airplanes' film has just been announced! First off, the film's current working title is 'Airplanes Movie' or 'The Airplanes Movie'. The film will likely begin production in February 2011, and the film will premiere on June 31st, 2011. Production will begin right after production on Airplanes' fifth season is complete. The fifth season will premiere on January 5th, 2011. A general outline for the film has been released:
'The Airplanes Movie' will follow Joe, Maria, and Olivia being thrown back in time, via The Book of Changes. They are faced with an oppurtunity to save Genevieve from the plane crash, however they are forced to realize that if they do go forward with saving her, it will result in painful outcomes that will effect all of them in ways they would've never imagine.
Navystardust12 has released this statement on the film's production:
"I'm currently working on the film's detailed outline. I am very excited to set the film into production. [The Airplanes Movie] will be the part of the franchise that will piece everything together. Secrets will be revealed, and everything will finally make sense."
The film will debut in six 15-minute parts, making it a 90 minute film, in total. These parts will be uploaded over a 5-month span, with the first part premiering on June 31st, 2011 and the film's parts will wrap up on October 23rd or 24th of 2011.

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