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Monday, December 6, 2010

'The Diary' Script Complete, In Production +Episode Guide Outline

'The Diary' Episode Guide Outline (Season 1)
Episode # Episode Title Release Date
Episode 1 'The Beginning' January 19/2011
Episode 2 'TBA' March/2011
Episode 3 'TBA' April/2011
Episode 4 'TBA' May/2011
Episode 5 'TBA' July/2011
Episode 6 'TBA' August/2011
Episode 7 'Season Finale' September/2011
If the cast agrees to do a second season, it will start in early 2012.

Today, the script was complete and was sent to all cast members who appear in the episode. Reportedly, parts will be sent by December 31/11 giving navystardust12 a 20-episode window to edit together the first episode. The series is now in production.

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