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Thursday, December 2, 2010

'The Amelia Project' Cancelled!? +'Airplanes IV' Launched! 'Airplanes V' Rumours! +'Winter Wonderland' Discontinued!?

A quote on 'The Amelia Project' reported cancellation.
"No! I am absolutely doing [The Amelia Project]. I just couldn't get it uploaded, yesterday! I'll probably upload it on December 3rd! It's all ready and I have the first two episodes ready to upload. Don't even worry about it."
When we notified navystardust12 of why people were believing that it was cancelled, he gave us this statement:
"Oh! Well, yes. I guess that would be able to be twisted up into... well, that. I did order 27 episodes for the first season but I dropped it to just 9, so I guess that could have been the reason people were freaking out. I shortened it because I felt kind of overwhelmed with everything that's going on with all the new series. I haven't decided on whether or not it will be coming back for a second season. I guess that depends on how the ratings and viewings go."
On December 1st, navystardust12 premiered the fourth and latest season of 'Airplanes'. Recently, navystardust12 commented that he was in fact planning to take the series to a further extent, but wasn't sure wether or not that would be a fifth season and the planned movie, or just the movie. When asked about a fifth season, navystardust12 said that he wasn't even going to talk about until later. Sense the fourth season just premiered yesterday, we won't have much input on wether or not the series will be picked up, again for a while, now. All we can do is wait.
In November, navystardust12 premiered the first two episodes of a new slasher series, entitled Winter Wonderland. But, no episodes have been uploaded for at least 2 weeks, so we're starting to become a little concerned wether or not the series is cancelled or discontinued.
"It'll be back." Navystardust12 said, "I have written the third episode and I have it ready. I'll likely be uploading on December 3rd, along with alot of other new episodes!"
So, it looks like there'll be quite the marathon of content tomorrow in the NSD-verse, including 2 new sony vegas videos, a new episode of Winter Wonderland and the premiere of The Amelia Project. Be sure to check it all out, tomorrow on !

Note: The first episode of The Amelia Project is currently available via leakage here on blogspot on a recent post! It is not a text episode, but rather a video episode and is a little over two minutes long!

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