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Friday, December 10, 2010

'Airplanes' Season 4 Production Wrapped, Season 5?

Writing for season four of 'Airplanes' has just wrapped, according to navystardust12. Writing finished at precisely 12:15 AM on December 11th, 2010. Now, that the fourth season is complete navystardust12 is ready to confirm the future for the series. Navystardust12 has just determined that he will in fact be renewing the series for a fifth season! The fifth season, which will likely begin production in the very near future, will premiere on January 3rd, 2011 and will finish on April 13th, 2011. Once the fifth season is complete, navystardust12 will produce 'Airplanes: The Movie' which will launch via YouTube on June 30th, 2011. This hiatus will give navystardust12 about 2 and a half months to write the film and edit together the first part. However, this fifth season will be the first season that will only air 1 episode per week, giving the season a never-before season rundate of over 3 months.
We can't wait to see what navystardust12 has in plan for the rest of season 4, and for season 5! More info on season five will be coming soon, right here only on blogspot!

Update: As of 12:51 AM on December 11th, 2010 the season five premiere is complete.
Update #2: 'Airplanes' Season 5 episodes will all have an individual episode title.

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