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Friday, October 1, 2010

Quotes on Death: 'Unnoficial Uploading Schedule'

Navystardust12 has just announced that his Halloween-themed series will run from October 2nd to October 31st. There will be 16 parts of the series, and will likely be uploaded using roman numerals.
Here is the unnoficial uploading schedule:
(Please note that dates are not official and may be subject to change)

Quotes on Death Uploading Schedule
October 2nd – Part I (Series Premiere)
October 4th – Part II
October 6th – Part III
October 8th – Part IV
October 11th – Part V
October 13th – Part VI
October 15th – Part VII
October 17th – Part VIII
October 20th – Part IX
October 22nd – Part X
October 24th – Part XI
October 26th – Part XII
October 28th – Part XIII
October 29th – Part XIV
October 30th – Part XV
October 31st – Part XVI (Series Finale)
He has also announced there is a chance he will be uploading an epilogue on November 1st, however will likely not because halloween will be over. Navystardust12's Halloween event begins on October 16th and will run until November 1st or 2nd. It was also announced that he may do a 'Halloween' event sometime in spring next year because it is his second-favorite celebration of the year, next to Christmas.

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