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Friday, October 8, 2010

Airplanes Season 3 Information!

At the end of September, after many speculation of navystardust12's hit and first series, 'Airplanes' not returning for a third season, it was confirmed that the show would infact be renewed for 15 more episodes. Well, navystardust12 has just announced that he will be a.k.a. renaming the third season to 'Airplanes: FlashForward'. He has quoted that at the second season finale, the plot will completely turn around. He has said that, "for the third season it's going to feel like a completely different show. The same characters with the same main storyline, but it's going to be very different. A completely different premise will be introduced for the third season. I don't know if people are going to like it or not but if they don't then I'll return to the original premise for the season four, if I go on to make a fourth season."
The next 3 episodes of the second season for Airplanes will be airing on Wednesday, October 13th. (episodes 36, 37, and 38). Episode 39, the series' first lone episode will premiere on the 20th, which will be the last episode before the season 2 finale. The series will then be taking an 11-day hiatus, for people to gather up the past of the series and during this time, navystardust12 will write episodes for the third season, The series will return after the hiatus on October 31st, for a special Halloween finale. 3 days later, on November 3rd the season 3 premiere will air. Navystardust12 has said; "the first 2 seasons of Airplanes are a build up to this upcoming season's climax. The story hasn't even begun yet so don't go thinking you've all got it figured out. 'Ya. Someone's gonna die. And then someone's gonna go to jail.' You know if that's what you're thinking you obviously haven't even given the series a chance, so just stop watching it if you're thinking that. I'm not gonna sit there and let people come up with what they want the series to be like. This is my story. (curses) off."

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