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Saturday, October 9, 2010

'Cover-up' Cancelled? +New Series In The Works!

Now that it has been over 3 weeks sense navystardust12's new Fall series, 'Coverup' was scheduled to premiere, speculation has begun wether or not the series is cancelled.
Navystardust12 immediately took to his blog to answer the rumours.
"It is in most sorrow that I have decided to cancel 'Cover-up'. The reason is because I was going to make a series similar and inspired by NBC's ''The Event'' but I have decided to cancel the show after learning that my plans for the series were way too similar to the series."
So, now that the series is cancelled, will navystardust12 be making a new series?
"I am working on a new series, but it won't start until November at the least. I am way behind on 'Quotes on Death' which is my biggest priority during the Halloween season. I will be releasing full details about the show on my blog."
Sure enough, he's premiering info on this channel right now.
First of all, the new November series will be called "Sunset in Honolulu" and will be his replacement for "Coverup". Instead of involving extra terrestrial visits, people will begin dissapearing in a hotel in Honolulu, when suddenly the main character's wife is gone, and he is sent through an epic series of events to find out where she's being held hostage.
The series will premiere on November 3rd during navystardust12's first ever 'Night of Premieres'.

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