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Friday, November 26, 2010

'Airplanes: The Movie' Working Titles!

1) The original title, which was working from it's announcement date on October 7th, 2010 until November 2nd, 2010 was 'Airplanes: 360'.
2) The second title, which was working from November 3rd, 2010 until November 14th, 2010 was 'Airplanes: Plummit to the Past'.
3) The third title, which was working from November 15th, 2010 until November 25th, 2010 was 'Airplanes Presents: Before the Beginning'.
4) There are now several working titles...
  • The Airplanes Movie
  • Airplanes Presents The Plummit to the Past Movie
  • An Airplanes Movie
  • Airplanes: The Movie

At this time, the most possible and likely title is Airplanes: The Movie. However, navystardust12 has released the following statement on the working title:

"I absolutely hate the title. It's way too unoriginal, it's completely predictable, and I feel like it represents and tells nothing about the film's premise. I would really like to combine all the film's title to create something like 'Airplanes: Plummit Back to 360' but it's just not working. I'm considering completely renaming the film so that it doesn't even incorporate the word 'Airplanes' in it."

With this new idea of trashing the word 'Airplanes' in the title, a few more ideas have come up.

  • Plummit to the Past
  • Before the Death
  • Before the Beginning
  • How To Kill Genevieve Hailus

So, which one of the titles do you like the most? Tell us in the comment section!

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