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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Navystardust12 Announces New Series! +'Airplanes: The Movie' Announced!

On October 5th, 2010 navystardust12 ended his second original YouTube series, 'Finding Jenna Parker'. Quote on Quote, "I have mixed feelings about ending this series but I hope to return with the character's story in the near future with a spin-off series or one shot." Well, today he announced that Jenna Parker and the gang would be coming back this december for an all new series entitled, "Meet Me Halfway" which will be a spin-off series that will follow the [Finding] Jenna Parker characters on their struggles with Jenna's assumed pregnancy, but will also follow 2 new characters with a new series that will be similar to 'Finding Jenna Parker' but will have a different feel and premise. "Meet Me Halfway" premieres December 7th on navystardust12's official YouTube channel.
Also today on November 4th, navystardust12 announced via his twitter account that an Airplanes film is on the way! He reportedly hopes to have fellow YouTuber and 'Airplanes' fan, h20justaddwatergirl2 co-produce the film, which is rumoured to be released in spring of 2011. The film's premise has not yet been announced.

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