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Monday, May 31, 2010

Nickdiz18 Exclusives! +Nickdiz18 BlogSpot Temporarily Cancelled!

Nickdiz18 has temporarily cancelled all Nickdiz18 BlogSpot posts. He says, Quote, "I will be temporarily abandoning the Nickdiz18 blogspot. If anyone would like to temporarily adopt the site, they can talk to navystardust12 on YouTube."
Nickdiz18 has created a Navystardust12 blogspot site. Here is the link:
Also, for an almost-final "Goodbye" to this site, Nickdiz18 has released some official exclusives! Including Promotional Picture #1 for The Airplanes Series, The Official Logo for Navystardust12 Original Productions, and a very-exclusive second promo for his new series, "Airplanes" which won't air on the Navystardust12 channel, until Wednesday!
Also, Navystardust12 has been officially confirmed as a "Five Ghetto Kid." His new YouTube Comedy VLog Collab Channel ( is very high-acclaimed by the creator, whimsywhimsy54. In fact, the channel is so high acclaimed, that they want YOU guys to be a part of it! View the fiveghettokids youtube channel to view/read more about how you can be the fourth and fifth "ghetto" kid!
The Nickdiz18 Exclusives will be posted in the next few moments!

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