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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nickdiz18 Announces Navystardust12 Series!

As you may know, Nickdiz18 has been suspended from his main account, so his new channel is navystardust12.
Well, Nickdiz18 has announced that he will be starting several new series on the channel!
Some of the series include:
Airplanes - Starts June 30th
Torn: The Final Goodbye - Starts December 2010
Cyber - Unofficial

As you can see, Nickdiz18 has many ideas for his new channel. In fact, he has renewed the navystardust12! He earlier announced that he would be ending Navystardust12 sometime in September 2010, but he has said that the new oppurtunities have enlightened and inspired him, so he will be going at the new channel for - what seems like - forever.
The Airplanes and Torn: The Final Goodbye Plots have also been released! Here's some info:
Airplanes - "Airplanes" is a brand new Nickdiz18 series that will be hitting the Navystardust12 channel, on June 30th. The series is about Genevieve (Demi Lovato) who is a girl who was murdered. Nickdiz18 has said the plot will be a mix of "The Lovely Bones," and his cancelled series, "Torn". Speaking of Torn...
Torn: The Final Goodbye - This "Goodbye" series will be replacing the Torn movie, which was scheduled to hit YouTube on June 30th, on the original Nickdiz18 series. The third season won't be starting for another 7 months, but Nickdiz18 has said that he expects for everyone to know what is going to happen, sense the series was so predictable in the first place. Torn: The Final Goodbye is expected to go on into the new year (2011) and the "Goodbye" Part of the series will feature the third and fourth season of the "Torn" series.
For new viewers, Nickdiz18 will be releasing a video with a recap of the first and second season. Some viewers may be thinking, "Nickdiz18 never released the TORN season 2 finale." Well, Nickdiz18 will be releasing the finale, however instead of the episode being the season 2 finale, it will be the season 3 premiere. Also, Nickdiz18 has announced that the final seasons of TORN will have an extended amount of episodes. The third season is going to hit the 30-episode mark, and the fourth and final season will hit 20 episodes. So, viewers can be exicted for a total of 50 new episodes, just when they thought the series was coming to an end.
Why is Navystardust12 waiting so long to release the TORN: The Final Goodbye Part of the series? Well, "Airplanes" is starting in just over a month, and the new series is expected to be running for a very long time. So long, an expected 1000 episodes are expected for the new series! 1000! Nickdiz18 says that "Airplanes" was originally supposed to be a YouTube movie, but the full movie would be over 3 hours long.
New information on these hot new series will be released soon!
COMING SOON - "Cyber" Plot Information!

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