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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Takeover #1

hello young people! its nickdiz18 here for the first ever takeover!
whats a takeover you ask? well, every sunday on this blog, i will do a takeover, where i can just basically talk to you guys and answer questions!
first i thought you guys might wanna check out this app:
its called photofiltre. its basically just a really advanced photo editor that you can download onto your computer, free of charge.
so, no one actually knows about the sunday takeovers so im just gonna answer some questions that i made up (btw some of these questions will be personal, some about youtube)
Question 1:
What is your real name?
Nick. It's pronounced... Nick.
Question 2:
im sorry there is no question 2 because i cant think of anything. go ask me one on the comment thing down there. click comment and then ill respond to yalls questions NEXT week :)
welll thanx for readin! buh bye

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