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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nickdiz18 Suspended! +What's Next for Him?

This blog is to confirm Nickdiz18's YouTube suspention.
Nickdiz18. Has. Been. Suspended. From. YouTube.
So, what's next for Nickdiz18? How will he keep the videos going? How will he continue the "Torn" series, when episodes 1 through 22 have been deleted off his channel.
Well, here's the answer:
He won't.
Nickdiz18 has made a suspention channel, but there has been no confirmation that he will continue his videos, on the channel. is the link to the new channel. Nickdiz18 has said that he first found out that he was suspended from YouTube, last Friday, and hasn't had the patience to make a video on his suspention channel, yet.
Inside sources say that Nickdiz18 will be requesting for YouTuber, xojollyrancher1xo to make a video saying that he was suspended, and to check out his suspention channel.
As far as Nickdiz18 knows, his main channel has been deleted for good. How does he know? Quote, "When I log into the account, it says that the account has been disabled." He then stops - and says "Disabled equals permanetly gone."
So, there is no chance that Nickdiz18 will regain his channel, which means he'll be using the suspention channel for the rest of his now-shortened time on YouTube. What? Well, Nickdiz18 has announced he will be quitting YouTube several months earlier, and his last video (posted on his suspention channel) will be posted sometime in September 2010.
Don't want Nickdiz18 to leave? It's all okay. Nickdiz18 has announced he will be part of a collab channel ( and videos for this channel will start in June 2010. Nickdiz18 has announced he will not be quitting the fiveghettokid videos, in September, and will keep going with the collab channel for however long he feels necessary. Nickdiz18 is expecting to be quitting FGK sometime in 2012, if there is no problems. He will be replaced by a not-yet announced YouTuber.
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