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Friday, July 30, 2010

"Airplanes" Season Finale Approaches! Two One-Shots on the Way! "CYBER" Delayed? + New Line-Up for 2012/13 Season!

Navystardust12 has announced alot of things.
First up on todays' MEGA update: We're discussing the season finale of Airplanes approaching.
As of today, "Airplanes" has been running for exactly one month and the first 15 episodes of the series have been uploaded. Well, 5 episodes for the first season have been demanded, making the 20th episode to be the season finale. The season one finale is set to premiere in mid-late August. The series has been renewed for a second season, giving Navystardust12 some problems.
"The series was originally supposed to have 1000 episodes," stated Navystardust12, commenting that the series was scheduled to be running until 2015 giving the series a total of 50 seasons. Well, it has now been announced that the series will be shrunken into just 75 episodes and 5 seasons, giving Navystardust12 (previosuly Nickdiz18) some problems.
In other "Airplanes" news, the Airplanes spin-off series "CYBER" has recently been announced as delayed. The series was originally supposed to air on November 11th of next year (2011) and Navystardust12 would still like to keep the release date, but the series is in questioned delaying. We'll have a confirmation soon, but we are expecting for the premiere to stay as 11/11/11 because it'll give navystardust12 over a year to make the series.
In other news, Navystardust12 has announced that he will be creating 2 one-shots. One will be called "The End: A Jemi One-Shot" and the other "Before the Storm: A Niley One-Shot". He has said that he is currently writing "Before a Storm" and it is expected to be uploaded on his main YouTube channel, sometime in late August or early September. "The End" will likely be released sometime during Navystardust12's Halloween Celebration.
Also, navystardust12 has released info on his 2012/2013 YouTube season. A series called "What Could've Been" is scheduled to be starting on December 12th of 2012. Also, navystardust12 will be introducing a real-life controversy theme in his upcoming series, "Doomsday" (a.k.a. "2012") which is a series expected to start in September 2012. He has announced that the 2012/2013 season will run from September 1st, 2012 to May 30th, 2013. (That is if the world doesn't end). Navystardust12 will also be making a series based on his life for the 2013 season, (his first Based on a True Story series) in early 2013. Navystardust12 will not be releasing any info on the 2013/2014 series until 2011, incase something happens not allowing him to follow his plans.
And now, for the first ever "iNAVYSTARDUST12" Blogger segment:
Navystardust12 will be releasing the "Airplanes" Episode Guide in the future. The download link for the guide will be found in an upcoming navystardust12 video, shared by
Remember to keep yourself posted to the Nickdiz18/Navystardust12 Official Blogspot so you have the info before anyone else!
Thanks for checking out your #1 and only source for Navystardust12/Nickdiz18 info.

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