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Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Airplanes" Renewed for Second Season! +"Finding Jenna Parker" Premiere Release via YouTube PLUS "Quotes on Death" Information Released!

After over 2 weeks of no posts, we are back with three topics!
First of all, precisely 2 days ago Navystardust12 uploaded the series premiere of his brand new YouTube series, "[Finding] Jenna Parker". The 'Finding' part of the series title is used in bracets, because the series name may be shortened to Jenna Parker in the future, according to Navystardust12. The first episode launched, receiving no feedback, the same with "Airplanes". None the less, navystardust12 will continue to air episodes of the series.
In other news, "Airplanes" creator, navystardust12 has recently announced that "Airplanes" will infact be returning for a second season. The season 1 finale is set to air on August 15th, and the second season will premiere a week later, on August 22nd. Plot deets have not yet been announced. Also, a new character was recently added to the "Airplanes" cast. Olivia Beckham, portrayed by british actress, Emma Watson (Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) is the newest apprentice to Genevieve "Jen" Hailus and Joseph "Joe" Jonas.
In other news, Navystardust12 recently announced an upcoming series entitled "Quotes on Death". Well, now series information has been announced.
The series is set to premiere this October 31st, as part of Navystardust12's Halloween Celebration (officially named "Navystardust12 Presents; The NAVYSTARDUST12 Spooky Day of Premieres). Other things set to premiere during the event include the season 2 finale of "Airplanes" the series finale of "I Thought I Lost You, Jenna Parker" and the premiere of the first ever Navystardust 12 one-shot episode, "The End".
"I Thought I Lost You, Jenna Parker" (marketed as "I Thought I Lost You") is a five-episode spin-off series of "[Finding] Jenna Parker", airing in just a 4 weeks-length. (It will premiere after the Navystardust12 Two year anniversary).

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