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Monday, June 27, 2011

Banana Recordz -- First Album to debut Wednesday.

Banana Recordz, the navystardust12-founded record label will release it's first full-length album, this Wednesday.

The album, which was recorded by YouTube's Carly4Evs3, and was produced entirely by navystardust12 has been in the works for over 3 weeks.

"Carly's been really great," navystardust12 said, "She's clearly very excited for the album, she's very enthusiastic - she's gotten the music in so quickly and she's done a great job on all the songs."

The album will consist of 8 songs and will be released as the first album from Banana Recordz.

"I'm nervous," navystardust12 added, "I've worked hard on the album, and so has Carly, but this is totally a new experience for me. It's crazy, but I'm excited for people to hear it."

Three singles have been released off the album, and a final promotional single is scheduled to be released on Friday.

The album has now been delayed twice, with the original release date scheduled for June 18. This was then pushed back to June 23, then to June 29.

"My favourite song on the album is probably 'Jar of Hearts' which is going to be the promotional single."

Banana Recordz has yet to sign a second artist. Auditions are currently open until October.

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