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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Airplanes" Episodes 79 and 80

Airplanes / Chapter 79
(Season 6, Episode 6)
Episode Title: Different Paths
Olivia's POV
Joe and I didn't speak much, after that.
While I agreed that Genevieve may not be fully committed, I still felt bad leaving her in the middle of the road like that.
And with night quickly approaching, and Genevieve not knowing where to go, things could get dangerous.
"Joe," I started, "Do you really think it was neccescary to abandon Genevieve like that?"
"Look, I realize it probably wasn't the nicest thing to do," Joe explained, "But we need to focus. No interruptions."
"You know Genevieve, Joe. You know she's dedicated to this, you know that she would never do anything to sabotage this."
I was mad at Joe. I didn't understand why he thought that after almost 2 years of this, he would just leave Genevieve like that.
"She's been through alot, and I know she's dedicated. I just think that, maybe, she just needs a break."
"But what if Genevieve was telling the truth? What if her dream really was real?" I asked, looking out of my window.
"Well, she was wrong about us getting on that plane, and she was wrong about Molly being poisoned."
"Didn't you hear Molly?" I asked, "George tried to poison her but she escaped. Genevieve was right about the poison."
"That's ridiculous, she can't see the future in her dreams. That's impossible, and you know that."
"No, I don't know that. You've seen the Book of Changes, you've seen all of this weird stuff going on."
"What are you saying? Do you expect me to believe that magic or whatever does exist?"
"Well how else would you explain all of this? How would the Book of Changes work if there wasn't mag-"
"Olivia, please. I don't want to talk about this, right now. Maybe you need a little rest, too, babbling about all this nonsense."
I had the urge to slap Joe across the face. How could he be acting like this, like everything that's happened is just a joke?
"We've been fighting for a long time," I said, "And you're obviously not fully committed if you're questioning us."
I thought that Joe might have been ignoring me, but I didn't care. "You just want to give up, don't you?"
Joe didn't reply, but just looked out the window. It was now dark, completely dark.
We stopped at a motel for the night, I couldn't sleep but Joe forced me to - saying I needed rest.
Something wasn't right. Joe had changed, he wasn't as determined as he used to be. I'm not sure I was, either.
What if George and Andrea are  more powerful then we had thought? What if they have something to do with all this magic?
What if there's something about them that we don't know? What if we're missing a piece of the puzzle?

Airplanes / Chapter 80
(Season 6, Episode 7)
Episode Title: Flash Before Your Eyes
Olivia's POV
I had barely slept that night. When we awoke in the motel that morning, we left the motel immediately, not paying for the room.
We had very little money left, and we needed it for our plane tickets.
Joe and I hadn't spoken much, until we got to the airport, when we started discussing exactly what we were going to do.
But when we had savaged almost all the money we had left, and gotten onto the flight - that's when things completely turned around.
Genevieve's POV
I sat on the hotel bedroom, a long piece of rope sitting next to me.
The curtain lay open, and I stared out the window, looking at what I would be leaving.
After looking out the window one last time, I proceeded to tie the rope into a hoop, and tye the rope onto a hook I had attatched to the ceiling.
A chair sat in the corner of the room. Slowly, and breathing heavily, I walked to the chair, and lifted it under the rope.
I climbed onto the chair and hung the rope around my kneck.
Olivia's POV
My cellphone sprang to life just as the gate had opened. I pulled it out of my pocket. The caller ID read 'Trenton Memorial Hospital'.
"Why is the hospital calling me?" I asked, looking towards Joe.
Joe shrugged his shoulders, and he looked back at his magazine.
"Hello?" I said.
"Hello, this is Doctor Jenna Parker, from Trenton Memorial. Is this Olivia Beckham?"
"I'm calling you to notify you that Genevieve Hailus has attempted suicide."

There's only 2 more episodes left until the series finishes airing! Stay tuned!

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