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Thursday, February 10, 2011

2 New Series!

The Grim Reaper and Working Title are 2 upcoming YouTube series.

The Grim Reaper - Early 2011
Working Title - 2011


The Grim Reaper will follow a teenage boy, Bryant who discovers he has the ability to save people from death, or do the opposite. When he decides to become a "superhero" (after being encouraged by his best friend, Jason) he attempts to save as many people as possible, but does not have enough time to save everyone. When Bryant's secret breaks out, people get the story mixed up and they believe he is actually a murderer. Now, it's up to Bryant to clear his name, continue saving lives across the globe, and decide which is more important: his newly found hobby or his relationships with his friends and family.
This series is currently set for a February / March / April / May 2011 release date, however it may be moved to a September 2011, to open as a Fall '11-'12 season debut.
According to navystardust12, this series was "self-inspired" by navystardust12's original series, 'Torn' which ran from Fall 2009 to May 2010.

Working Title is a legit title. This series will follow new adult, Donna who one day goes to the movie theatre to watch a previously-released film, Working Title with her friend, Julie. When Donna and Julie go to the film, they are the only 2 people in the Cinema. A few minutes into the film, the film they are watching is interrupted by another film, which tells them that it's viewers will perish within 96 hours after the film is watched. At first, Donna and Julie obviously do not believe the video, and think it is all a hoax. But when Julie decides to look further into the matter, she discovers several cases that involve customers of the Cinema mysteriously perishing a few days after they watch the film. Donna and Julie immediately must find out the mystery of the film, before it's too late.
This series airdate is currently unknown.

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