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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

'These Four Walls' New Series!

Navystardust12's new main series, 'These Four Walls' will premiere Monday, March 21st, 2011 in a filmized format. (similar to 'The Deadline Prophecies' and 'The Amelia Project') It will replace 'Airplanes' as the channel's "main" series however 'Airplanes' will continue to air until this Fall 2011, when it's sixth season ends. The series follows Miley Chambers, a girl who is kidnapped at age 8, and on the ten year anniversary of her kidnapping, she finally escapes to discover that her life will never be the same. Time is running out, and she has to find out the truth about what really happened on the day she was kidnaped, and she has to do it all solo.

'These Four Walls' will officially replace 'Airplanes' as the main series this Monday, however 'Airplanes' episodes are still going. You can catch an all new episode of 'Airplanes,' which is entitled 'Escaped' today. 'Escaped' will be the series' 65th episode.

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