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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Stardust Pen / Episode 1 [03.30.11]

HELLO PEOPLE. It is me, navystardust12 here for the very first episode of... THE STARDUST PEN! Just as an introduction incase you didn't read the last post; every week I will post my very own entry talking about lots of new & fun stuff. I'll talk about updates, stuff that's been going on, and I'll answer questions that I receive from all of you. Without further adue, here is the first episode of The Stardust Pen!!; WELL, HELLO THERE KIDDIES. Boy, do I have alot of stuff to talk about today. FIRST OF ALL, as you all may OR may not know, my new voiceover series entitled SHARK IN THE WATER (yes I did steal the title from the V V Brown song, however it has NOTHING to do with sharks. Or water, for that matter). I have JUST finished rendering the trailer and it should be up by the end of the day!! This is going to be so much fun, I'm working with a great cast [other then the two people who havent even contacted me about their lines :/] and Im so excited to post the first episode. Also uploaded today will be HITCHIKING PART 1, the new episode of AIRPLANES!! Now this episode is very special because it will be presented in 2 parts. The first part will be posted today (march 30th) and part 2 will be posted on april 6th. its my very first 2-part special and its gonna be pretty epic. the other reason that this episode is very special is because IF YOU DO NOT READ THIS EPISODE you wont understand any of the upcoming episodes. theres something VERY important that happens in this 2-part episode that will be very important for the rest of the episodes. Also, now this is something I've been planning for a while and this is an EXCLUSIVE announcement that no one else knows; I have created a second channel, where I will be posting fandoms and videos made with Sony Vegas. I created the channel, yesterday and I am currently working on the first video. You can visit the channel, however there are no videos on it yet. However you can subsribe to the channel to make sure you dont miss the first video! Visit and subscribe to the channel here: Also, on Saturday I posted the very first episode of 'These Four Walls' on the channel, and I got great feedback, so I will be picking up the show for a full first season. New episodes will be up every Saturday! Thanks so much for your support. Well, I guess that's all I have for this episode! Tune in next week for The Stardust Pen Episode 2! Thanks so much.

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