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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lots of New Series! YouTube Film Announced! +Airplanes Season 6!?

Navystardust12 has been planning several new series and movies for the Summer and Fall of this year. Just yesterday, he confirmed a new Drama/Comedy/Romance film, that will debut this Summer with approximately 5 co-writers on the writing team, as well. The as of yet untitled film will be navystardust12's first ever YouTube film, and will follow a teenage girl named Selena, who is heart-broken by her boyfriend who not only cheated on her but also abused her. Selena is too depressed to make plans for the summer, until her best friend, Harper invites her to come to New York City* with her, over the summer. When Selena and Harper arrive in NYC, Selena meets a great guy, but little do Selena and Harper know that Selena's ex has followed them to the city of lights. Selena comes face-to-face with her ex in NYC, and she is forced to choose between her new guy, or her ex who claims to have changed and become a better person. Who will she choose? As a subplot, Harper constantly feels she is being watched while she is in New York City. According to navystardust12, the film will be a Dramatic Romance film, with a splash of comedy, and the film will be unlike anything he has ever done before. Also on the list of new series coming later this year are 'Meet Me Halfway,' the spin-off series of 'Finding Jenna Parker'. Meet Me Halfway is set to debut this May. 'Shark in the Water,' a new voiceover series is set to premiere it's first episode by the end of the month. A sci-fi/thriller/serial drama, which is as of yet untitled, will follow a single mother who's son is mysteriously kidnapped. Also in the series; a creepy mailman and a strange envelope that the woman receives everyday for 7 days. This series is set to debut this Fall, as part of the 2011-2012 line up. 'Airplanes' Season Five will wrap it's 13 episodes this June, and will likely return in August for the sixth and final season, however a sixth season is yet to be confirmed. For the commentary on all of the subjects discussed in this post, tune in on Wednesday for the second episode of 'The Stardust Pen,' a new weekly post right here on the nickdiz18 blogspot, that is written by navystardust12, himself! *Although the location of the film will be New York City, navystardust12 will be using both landscapes of NYC found off the internet, as well as landscapes of Toronto, ON which he, himself will be shooting this July for the film.

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