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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Stardust Pen | Episode Two [04.12.11]

HEY EVERYONE! It's time for the second installment of... THE STARDUST PEN!! I'm so sorry there wasn't an episode last week. I had actually typed one out, but Blogger went all pancake-mix on me when I tried to publish it, so... WHATEV. We're here now. FIRST OF ALL, just incase you were wonderin' THERE WILL NOT BE A NEW EPISODE OF 'AIRPLANES' THIS WEEK, ALRIGHT? The next episode, which will be called 'The Box' will be up NEXT WEEK. I believe it's the 20th.. or maybe it's the 19th. I DON'T KNOW. Next Wednesday. SPEAKING OF WEDNESDAYS- I should take this time to tell y'all something important: Starting in season six of 'Airplanes' new episodes will now be uploaded on THURSDAYS instead of WEDNESDAYS. Why? Well, first of all: I have alot of stuff to do on Wednesdays: I write the Stardust Pen, I watch Survivor, I post the new episode... SO it'd just be easier to move it to Thursdays. Second, of all: I was reading this Astrology book that I got at the library, and it talks about horoscopes. So I was reading about my sign (I'm a saggitarius, just to clear that up) and apparently my lucky day is Thursday, and my least lucky day is Wednesday. Now, I now that NONE of that has to do with Airplanes, but honestly I kind of believe all that mumbo-jumbo so I'm gonna follow it. ALSO- now this is a complete exclusive, and it's kinda big, have any of you ever heard of... like... YouTube record labels? There's tons of them out there; ImmaBeRecords, CharmedRecords, LizardRRecords, HunnibeexRecordz... the list can probably go on forever. THE POINT IS: I have started up a brand new record label! It's called BananaRecordz and our channel is up, and the contest for signed artists, producers, etc. is open! I will be announcing it on the channel, later today and the contest closes May 1st. Well, that's about it! Thanks for reading this installment of THE STARDUST PEN!

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