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Friday, April 15, 2011

1 Year Extravaganza Details!

Back in the day, when navystardust12 was nickdiz18, 'Airplanes' was 'Torn,' and May 23rd, 2010 was October 11th, 2008- nickdiz18 was known to announce info on his anniversaries/birthdays about 5 months before they happened, and with navystardust12's anniversary rapidly coming, we were beginning to think that the birthday was going to fly under the radar. Well, not anymore!

"Of course, I will be celebrating! This channel has given me so much inspiration, and it has put my YouTube career into a completely different light. We are most definetly going to celebrate, just like my previous channel."

Not only has he announced that he will be celebrating the anniversary, but he has also confirmed a few details. First off, the celebration will last one week; from Saturday, May 21st to Saturday, May 28th, with the one-year-birthday, May 23rd landing on the Monday. In the new promotional photo, navystardust12 has revealed that their will be new episodes of series (including Airplanes, These Four Walls, The Deadline Prophecies, and Impossible: A LoLena Story) three brand new series (Meet Me Halfway, Fire and Ice, and The Mailman). Along with 3 new episodes of the mini series, Tales of the Lost which first debuted on Halloween with 3 episodes. The next three installments will debut on- you guessed it- Friday, May 13th, (even though it won't technically be classified as part of the birthday celebration)

Just as a sidenote, we, on Blogger will be working on a few things on the site over the weekend. We'll just be fixing and investigating a few glitches and we will be changing a few things, so the site may be down for a while. Sorry for any inconvience, we'll be back to 100% on Monday!

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