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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Future of 'Airplanes'

With navystardust12's recent resignation from his YouTube channel, many are left wondering what the future of his most famous, long-running series will hold. Airplanes, which was scheduled to enter it's sixth season this fall, will obviously be put on hold until navystardust12 sorts out the closing of the rest of his channel, but after that - he will actually still be continuing the series on a seperate YouTube channel. He will not, however, be releasing the episodes seperately like he used to, but rather putting the remaining episodes into several download releases. Navystardust12 has not announced much details on this new plan, however he has revealed that the five remaining, unaired season five episodes will be put into a September download release. He has also stated that the production hiatus on the series has ceased, and production on the sixth season resumed today. The first six episodes of the sixth season have been finished, with the seventh in production. We'll keep you updated.

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