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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Navystardust12 Quits YouTube

We have just received an official confirmation statement via email from navystardust12, that after nearly three years on YouTube, navystardust12 is officially leaving YouTube, indefinetly. The statement went as follows:

"For months now, I've been strongly thinking about YouTube, and now, I have come to my decision. After almost three years, I have decided to leave YouTube. This decision was not easy for me, as I have made so many friends and memories on YouTube, and as I prepare to log out for the final time, I realize that although this has all come to an end, I have changed over these years, and YouTube was sort of a place where I could be as creative as I wanted, and just create my own world with my series and videos, and fall into other people's stories in a way that I may never be able to do, again. Long live to all the magic that we've made, and I wish all of the friends that I've made the best. Thank you for sticking around with me all this time, and for being some of the best followers that I may ever have. Although the end has come, I will always remember this experience. Thank you."

He plans to release a Goodbye video soon.

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