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Friday, February 17, 2012

"Airplanes" Season 5 - Episode 72, 73, & 74

Here are the final 3 episodes of the fifth season of Airplanes. (Episodes 72, 73, and 74) Incase you noticed one of our previous posts, we have acquired the remaining 14 episodes to the fifth season of the series from Navystardust12, and we will be airing the episodes right here on our blog through the end of March. Also, this is our blog's 200th post. We are extremely excited and proud to have 200 posts, and we are so happy that our 200th post will consist of showing you three amazing episodes.

Please read after all these 3 episodes an exclusive, special message from Navystardust12.

Airplanes / Chapter 72
(Season 5, Episode 12)
With Special Guest Star, Maria Canals Barerra
Episode Title: Everything That Goes Up
Olivia's POV
"So you have the box?" Molly asked, excitedly, "Do you know what this means?"
"It means that we have the second Resurrection stone."
"Well where is the box? Do you have it with you?" Molly asked, picking up her cup of coffee and taking a quick sip.
"No, it's in customs with the rest of our luggage," John replied.
"What are we waiting for then?" Molly said, grabbing her coffee cup and running out of the shop.
We followed Molly to customs, and when we waited for our luggage to appear on the carousel.
After about an hour of waiting, the box never appeared.
"Excuse me," Joe said to the Custom secretary, "I'm missing a piece of luggage."
"Okay, what is your name?" the secretary asked, typing away on her computer.
We had listed the box as Joe's luggage.
"Uh.. Joe Jonas." Joe replied.
"And what is the luggage you're missing?"
"It's just a lock-up box."
The box was the only thing we had listed as Joe's luggage.
"So, your name is Joe Jonas and you're missing a lock-up box?"
The secretary looked mysteriously at Joe.
"May I ask where you live?" she asked.
"Umm... it's kind of complicated. But I guess Trenton, New Jersey."
"And how old are you?"
Joe stared at the secretary, confused.
"Why are you asking me all these questions.. Why does it matter?"
"Are you an orphan, Mr. Jonas?"
That was when I realized something wasn't right.
"Just answer the question." the woman said, staring straight through Joe's glass lenses.
Joe hesitated, "Yes, I am."
The secretary looked around quickly.
"Here's the box," she said, reaching underneath and pulling out the lockbox.
She handed it to Joe, and in her other hand she held a key.
"Thank you," Joe said, confused but happy he had received the box.
Joe ran over to the group. He set the box down and put the key into the slot.
"JOE, NO!" I shouted, "Don't open it here!"
"Right," Joe said, looking around for a place to hide.
He eyed a Janitor's closet, and the group of us shuffled inside.
The room was very small. We were kind of squished, but the room would do.
John switched on a lightbulb, and Joe set down the box on a small old wooden table in the middle of everyone.
Joe took a deep breath, and slid the key into the slot.
"Would you like to do the honors?" he asked me.
I smiled, as Joe reached his arm away and I placed my hand on the cold rusty key.
Slowly, I twisted the key, and lifted the lid.
Inside the box was a very small green rock, and it glowed.
"Wow," Molly said, "This is perfect. We have an advantage over them, now."
The group of us smiled. I picked the rock up and examined it in my hand, it's sharp edges rolling across my skin.
Opposite of the box, the rock was beautiful. Unscratched, flawless.
Even though the box was very rusted and ruined, it did have something about it... something magical.
Suddenly, both the box, the rock, and the key. They were both now shimmering silver, instead of glowing green.
"What's happening?" Molly whispered.
"Look. It's shimmering. Hah Maw Trey Vet must have charmed it," Joe explained.
"That makes perfect sense. He charmed the key and the box as perfect matches. The box can't be broken open, only the key can open it." I said.
"Ya, he must've done that so only the person who was meant to have it could open it," John said.
"Wait, wait. Something doesn't add up. Why did Matt give us the box? Wait... how did he get the box? And why did that secretary just happen to have the key?" Molly asked.
"Well, I'm not sure about the secretary, but think about it. 'Hah Maw Trey Vet'? It's an anagram for 'Matthew Harvey'."
I gasped, "I get it now! Matt didn't GET the box and the stone! He MADE it! He's had the duplicate stone all this time, he lives forever."
Joe seemed to have a sad look on his face.
"Joe, what's wrong? This is good!" Molly said.
"No, it's not. Don't you get it? Matt gave us the duplicate stone, which means he doesn't have it anymore so he turns into his real age which is like 1000 years old."
I realized what Joe meant, "and you can't live when you're 1000. So, Matt gave up his life so that we would have the oppurtunity to do what's right."
I wasn't sure wether or not to laugh or to cry, "That is so sweet."
Amazing. The man who held us hostage in a car for several hours and held a gun to our heads ended up giving up his life for us, in the end.
Well, you know what they say; everything that goes up must come down.

Airplanes / Chapter 73
(Season 5, Episode 13)
Episode Title: Me Without You (Season Finale) Part I
With Special Guest Star, Maria Canals Barerra
Olivia's POV
Somehow, time just managed to rush by after that. In what seemed like an instant, we were in a rented car, searching for George and Andreea.
"Joe, can I ask you something?"
I looked over to Joe, who looked back at me. We were both sitting in the very back seat, with John and Molly sitting in the front seats.
"Of course," Joe said.
"Do you ever think about why we're here?"
Joe looked at me, his pupils enlarging in the dark light.
"You mean, like here on Earth?" Joe asked.
"Yes," I replied, glancing over to the road.
Joe took a moment to think of a reply, "Well, there's gotta be a reason."
"Do you think that we're able to fulfill it? Chasing down George and Andreea?" I asked.
Joe looked away, "I don't know. Sometimes I question if all of this is worth it."
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Well, think about it. We do this every day. We could easily just go to the police, but we don't. We'd sound like lunatics."
"And what makes you think that?"
Joe laughed, "Hello? Think about it. Magic books, resurrection stones... it sounds like we're in some movie."
I thought about it, "But, why do we risk our lives, every single day?"
"Because, when we don't risk the lives of ourselves, we risk the lives of others."
Joe and I watched each other for a moment, and in an instant, our lips met.
After a few moments, I pulled back, looking at Joe's face. He looked hurt.
"I'm sorry," I said.
"No, I get it." Joe said, still looking at me with those bright blue eyes... "We need to focus. You're right,"
We smiled at each other.
"John, when were we going to be back?" Joe smiled, turning towards the front of the car.
"I don't know," John replied, "The GPS says fifteen minutes but these things have malfunctions all the time.
I could feel Joe's eyes staring at the lock box. We were looking at the same thing.
"Who's going to take the stone?" I asked.
Maria looked back at me, and I could feel John's eyes peering at me through the rear-view mirror.
None of us wanted to take the stone, because that meant that we had a chance of dying.
I thought about George or Andreea killing me. Would George really do that?
Of course he would. He had no problem killing Genevieve.
A few more moments of silence went by. Molly was typing away on John's computer, looking at some strange FBI software.
"Why do you think John hates us so much? Why do you think he's trying to kill us?" I asked.
Joe didn't need a second to think of a response.
"Because, I think that to some level... he is scared of us. He's seen what we're capable of. We're fighters. He knows that we want revenge."
Was that honestly true? Was George actually SCARED of us? He had so much experience, though. He even had a resurrection stone.
He could easily take it from Andreea if he wanted to. Andreea's way too weak, anyway. She's been frozen as an elder lady for a hundred years.
I couldn't finish my thoughts, because before I knew it, the car had already stopped...

Airplanes / Chapter 73
(Season 5, Episode 13)
Episode Title: Me Without You (Season Finale) Part II
With Special Guest Star, Maria Canals Barrera as Molly Hailus
"We're here," John said, looking outside.
They were parked on a small road, scattered with old trees and large, beautiful houses.
"Where are we, exactly?" Joe asked.
"We're in the once guarded neighbourhood of Agrathy Park, Miami." John replied.
"This is a guarded neighbourhood? Then how do two serial killers live here?" Molly asked.
"I said ONCE guarded. This place hasn't had any residents in years." John replied, getting out of the car and turning to Molly.
He looked as if he was about to start some big speech.
"I guess this might be goodbye," John said.
"Wait. What are you talking about? She's not coming with us?" Olivia asked, glancing towards Molly.
"No," John asked, "She can't. She has to stay here, to guard."
Olivia looked to Molly, a terrible feeling growing in her stomach.
"You think that we need protection?" she asked, "I thought this neighbourhood was abandoned."
"Gunshots are loud, alright. If anyone outside of the neighbourhood hears something, we need to get out."
I looked around the car, realizing that all of the houses had 'SCHEDULED FOR DEMOLISION' signs infront of them.
"They're blowing up the neighbourhood?" Olivia asked, pointing to the closest sign.
"They have to," John replied, walking to the trunk, "No one wants to live here, ever sense the accident."
"What accident?" Olivia asked.
John looked up at Olivia, as he opened the trunk and reached inside.
"You don't know?" he asked.
Olivia glanced over to Joe. He looked confused, aswell.
She looked back to John, "This is where George's murder-spree first broke out. They say this neighbourhood is haunted, now."
Olivia thought about Maria. Couldn't she see ghosts?
"Here? In Agrathy Park?" Joe asked.
John nodded, as he pulled out three items from the trunk.
They were guns.
"Wow, wow, wow! What are you doing with those?" Olivia asked, stepping away from John.
"What? You don't think I'm going to just show up with no weapons, do you?" John asked, handing her a weapon.
"I thought you got this car from a rental shop." Olivia said.
"I did. The man who owns the shop gave me the guns. He used to work with me."
John walked over to Joe, handing him a gun, and John kept one for himself.
"Well, I guess we should get going." John said, walking up to the front of the car and looking through the window, at Molly.
In one hand, Molly had a cell phone, in the other hand she was holding a razor-sharp knife.
She smiled nervously at the three of them, like she was the one about to face possible death.
They just left, after John gave her the Resurrection stone. They didn't know what to say to her.
And after walking through the abandoned suburban neighbourhood, they eventually reached the house where George and Andreea were.
Or at least, where they were supposed to be.
John stopped infront of the driveway, and Joe and Olivia had been sure to stay a few sidewalk squares back, so they could talk, privately.
Joe and Olivia stopped, staring into each other's eyes, like it might be the last time they would ever get to speak to each other.
In one hand, both of them held a very large gun, and in the other, they squeezed the other's hand.
They walked up to the house, standing in front of the door.
The house was probably the smallest house in the neighbourhood. It was white, with blue shutters, a metal roof, and closed stained curtains.
John grabbed on to the doorknob, and slowly twisted it; surprisingly, it was unlocked. He opened the door a crack, and stepped back.
He grabbed his gun with both hands, and Joe and Olivia quietly stood behind him. They all stood quiet.
"One," John whispered, putting his foot up, "Two," he set his foot lightly on the door, "Three."
The door loudly swung open, and the three rushed into the foyer of the house, shooting rapidly.
But there was no one in the room, which appeared to be a living room, with an old couch akwardly placed in the middle of the room.
The three seperated, searching every room and closet in the house. They looked behind tables, under beds, they searched the attic.
There was no one in the house. Not a living soul.
It was outside of the house where the people were.
"Where are they?" Joe asked, meeting up with John and Olivia in the kitchen, which held an old, broken fridge and a small wooden table.
"Are you sure this is the right address?" Olivia asked, looking around the room, even though she had already tore apart the entire house.
But before John could answer, the house burst into explosion. Flames cascaded through the house.
The three felt the fire engulph their bodies, and they perished within seconds. A bomb had been thrown at the house.
George and Andreea watched from outside the house, watching their bomb take down the house.
After one complete year, they had achieved their goal- they had murdered Joe and Olivia. All of their enemies were gone.
And I woke up in tears, screaming inside of a car, where Joe and Olivia were chasing a limousine.
"Genevieve! Genevieve!" Olivia yelled, shaking me, "Are you alright?"
I looked outside the window. The limousine held Andreea and George in it. It had all been a dream. I had never died.
Not yet.

And now, an exclusive special message from Airplanes series creator and writer, Navystardust12
Hello. Today, with this post, we are celebrating two amazing things. The first, is that this is my amazing Blogger team's 200th post. This is truly an amazing accomplishment, and it makes me, and the entire team who has worked on this blog for almost 2 years, look back at the history of my YouTube channels and this blog. We are also celebrating the season finale of the fifth season, which only consisted of just a meer 13 episodes, however ran for a total of 1 year, 1 month, and 12 days, for an amazing total of 408 days - making it by far the longest running season of Airplanes in history. I completed writing the fifth season at 7:29 pm ET on Wednesday, April 27, 2011; 296 days ago and I began writing the upcoming sixth and final season on May 14, 2011. I am extremely excited to present to you the sixth season, which is 9 episodes long - and will be the final season. I literally just finished revisions of the seasons literally about 60 seconds ago, and the series finale is absolutely incredible, I know you are all going to love it. So now, I ask you to join this 1-month ride to me as we travel to the final episode of the series. The end has begun.

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